My name is Mike. I have a storied background working as a professional baseball player, a paramedic and a forensic neuropsychologist.  Throughout my careers I passively watched, remembered, recorded, learned, adjusted and changed the way I see things.

After the knowledge I gained, I continued to want to understand and then apply this understanding to my writing. To this end, I am blogging BETTERTHNTHERAPY.wordpress.com. My goal in this blog is to explore and develop a deeper understanding of people, how they think, why they behave in certain patterns and what is the root of their decisions.

My posts, most likely, will not necessarily be my thoughts, but rather my request to you, the hoped-for reader, to give your thoughtful responses to further my understanding (hopefully, our understanding) of how people really think. My blogs will be essays that will make you laugh, cry and think.  I hope to connect with people who have deep thoughts on the subject in discussion.  I wish to gain insights into my writing, myself and my characters.  It would be nice to add a few like minded friends to assist in this personal growth.

I hope to avoid any hate speech, conspiracy theorists, or politically correct thinkers.  I selfishly want your true inner feelings in responses to my various blogs.  I plan on submitting posts regularly after a topic has been exhausted and/or I have collected the thoughts and feelings I can use, (often to form new ideas and characters in my writings).

I encourage you to express your thoughts, feelings, regrets, hopes, worries in as much detail as you need to get your point across.  I will respond only when I seek clarification or when I think my comment may be enlightening.

Please bear with my initial blogging errors as I learn this new communication skill.

Yours truly, Mike