My friends tend to be nice.  Most live by a moral code, although the code seems relative.  My friends show diversity in color, culture, religion.  In some cases I don’t know their religious preferences.  I prefer to accept them as they portray themselves to me and the world.

I disagree with my friends on issues.  I like to ask questions of what they think about things that have a philosophical or moral underpinning.  For example, “Do you think a child has a right to an education the government offers even if the education does not offer the religious beliefs of the parents?”  or   “Are all lies equal?” or “Can the government be trusted with your personal information?” or …

I love these discussions because we don’t argue about issues.  We discuss them.  There is no expectation of a right or wrong belief or response.  We both walk away with a better look at our views.

I just read an article in THE ATLANTIC.  The author bestowed kudos on President Obama.  He cited accomplishments that individually are poor but collectively destroyed the fabric of the American engine.

I think the author wanted the fabric destroyed.  As he put it the white man cannot handle the black president.  Hello, I’m in the room.

I never saw Obama as black.  He is the president for all people.  Did I get that wrong?  Apparently.

The author went on to explain the “black experience.”  He contrasted it with the “white experience.”  Hello, I’m in the room.  I don’t know the black experience and he doesn’t know the white experience.

Part of the white experience is reading or listening to someone telling me how I grew up, how I should feel, how I should feel ashamed, how I should make amends, how I should accept the obvious will that he proclaims to be right and righteous.  Yes, I am in the room.

I never had the feelings the author described toward any color or ethnic background.  I do under this president.  There is a clear divide between white and any other, between Christian and any other, between Jew and any other, between morality and ideology, between heterosexual and homosexual.  I am in the room and it is a house divided.

The house is not divided with light showing the way but rather with discord at every point.  These points of discord are surrounded by power that gathers from fear, ignorance, entitlement and psychological traumas.

Yes, I am in the room.  Now that the president has divided the nation, the races, the ethic  and religious groups, his wife  now says she has no hope.

Well I have hope that logic and sound reason will overcome the prejudice of liberal belief and opinion.  I sit back and watch as the biased media devours itself, as the Democrat party crumbles under its weight of “correctness” that favors the few in power while it feeds off the promises to the ignorant.  Yes the ignorant who seek to find fault with the victor.  Never addressing themselves as possibly having chosen the wrong path.

I want to return to discussing issues.  I want to hear your reasoning.  I want to follow the Constitution.  I want honesty, as rough as it can be, to have meaning in our discourse.

I never left the room.  I am still in room.











I belong to several writing groups.  The writers all strive to be published.  They share short excerpts of their writings in these groups.  They hone their craft.  They all want to be acknowledged as writers.  They can’t understand why I don’t publish.

I have eight finished books on my shelf.  I wrote them for me.  I never had a desire to entertain or change one’s view.  I wanted to understand “me.”

The best way  to  find me is by writing.  I explore how others might think and feel.  I develop personalities that communicate.  I throw in things that upset the apple cart in the lives of my characters.

But in all these writings I seek to keep myself organized.  I want my thoughts to remain connected to each other.  My characters struggle with a dilemma and I struggle with them.  I learn about “me.”  I look at the problem from different viewpoints.  Somehow these different views cause me to look at each character with a history that led them to this place in time.  In my book.

Right now I am struggling with the insanity in American thinking.  I read almost all day.  I watch a variety of news programs.  I compare the news programs to each other.  I wonder why certain items are covered and others are not.  I wonder why the news is so slanted.

Let me give some examples.  Hillary Clinton is a liar.  Let me repeat Hillary Clinton is a liar.  There are a series of scandals that follow her.  If anyone of them is even partly true/factual she should be indicted on a criminal charge.

What I state above is factual.  Any charge against President elect Trump pales in comparison to Hillary’s crimes.  I hear all these accusations about how he hates this group, that group and he’s a misogynist to boot.

Trump has done more as President elect than Obama did as president.  Sad but true.  Michelle Obama said she no longer has hope.  Funny but for the first time in eight years I have hope.

The pace of the worldly events makes issues go by so fast.  I feel like we have just come out of the ‘dark ages’ compressed into the last eight years.

America now has a plan.  We have to address the problems that have been stacked against us.  But we have a plan.  We have jobs and companies staying and returning after the ‘dark age’ of political correctness.  We can speak without being labeled a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe.  The air is good to breathe.

To those living and rejoicing in the lies of the press, the delusional thought process of liberalism, please understand my confusion.  That bell that tolls in the college football game has rung.  It is over.  That you can’t see it IS the problem.

If you want to understand the problem you only need four dollars.  Go to WalMart and buy a mirror.  Then look into it and listen to the voices around you.  Not the ones in your head — around you.











I recently heard morning Joe ask “What have Democrats done to make blue states turn red?”  That is a paraphrase but the idea is accurate.


That you have to ask is part of the problem.  Forget listening to the other side.  Just listen to yourself.

A friend told me that unless you have ‘legitimate references’ he believes everything to be fake news.  So I gave him a legitimate reference but he scoffed at their ‘objectivity’.

Apparently ‘legitimate’ is a relative term.  But I understand that you cannot get unbiased news from major media outlets like CNN.  So I too am confused with where to turn for accurate information.

I am currently reading THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan.  A must read to understand the horror thrust upon us by Barack Obama.  Surprisingly I am just as distraught that the Republicans did not offer more resistance.  Possibly because they are all in the same party.

I hear friends tell me the wonders of our current president.  They cite his fight against the rich Republican bigots. (after Issa the next 7 millionaires are Democrats).  They show the stock market increases as proof and the increase of jobs.

Ashamedly, I can’t muster the strength to argue with them (there is no room to discuss with the uninformed)  My shame comes from the understanding that my facts have no place against their opinions.  Being right is a hollow victory.

What struck me in reading this book that I mentioned is how we Americans seem to have forgotten the litany of ills cast upon us.  The scandals, the lies, the cover ups, the lack of transparency seem to have been accepted.  (the recent presidential election suggests that someone was paying attention).

My point is each of these major transgressions is bad enough by itself but if you connect them you have something else taking place.  Something horrifying.

I shared with my learned friend that if Hillary is not stupid (debatable) then why didn’t she just admit to the Benghazi gaff and her followers would have forgiven her. Then I heard myself.  If all the embassies had left Libya, even the Red Cross and our embassy wasn’t even in Benghazi, why was Ambassador Stevens even there?

I then asked why did Hillary dig her heels in with the emails?  Why  was there evidence of a major email scrubs at that exact time period?

The conspiracy theorists (fake news) were saying that Hillary was arming ISIS. No one could prove that EXCEPT the boots on the ground that belonged to Ambassador Stevens.  The Clintons have a death trail that hovers over them like a black cloud.  Connecting the dots — this was an assassination.

So I reread the book aforementioned and applied the ‘connect the dots’ template and wow.  I suggest you read the book.  You might ask questions.

































I just read that Saudi Arabia will reduce oil production for the first time in 8 years.  Let me see, isn’t Saudi Arabia a key financial contributor to Hillary?  Didn’t Saudi Arabia do that pay for play thing with the Clinton Foundation?  Doesn’t the ‘first time in 8 years’ ring a bell?  Doesn’t Obama always bow to the Saudi king?

Our new President has so much to overcome.   I watch the Oversight Committee and cannot believe the level of government incompetence that is in place.  I never considered myself a conspiracy theorist.  I have this internal childhood belief that our government leaders really care for us citizens.

I have firmly stated that I saw no difference between either party.  It appeared like a dance of deception but they both had similar agendas.  Term limits, reduction in benefits will help.

My conspiracy theorist avoidance changed when I saw the WTC building 7 come down long after the towers fell.

I really saw the dots connect when someone asked me to explain why Ambassador Stevens was in Bengazi while the other embassies closed, even the Red Cross left.  OMG!  It was rumored that Hillary authorized gun sales to ISIS.  Who would know that for sure.  Yes, Ambassador Stevens.

It was a hit – an assassination.  The follow up of  a false narrative, the emails destroyed.  It all makes sense.  Man/boy/woman/girl/LGBT (just trying to be politically correct) am I slow to catch on.










No, not horror or slasher films.  I’m talking about something even worse.  Something so unbelievable, so outrageous that I can’t stop watching it on YouTube.

The House of Representatives Oversight Committee on Government Reform has been around since 1816.  Turn off your TV, turn off the music, put aside your DVDs and watch the best horror of your life.

If you think that President Obama is/was a good president or if you voted for Hillary Clinton you will not enjoy this program.  Although I would suggest that anyone who doubted there is a swamp that needs draining, turn this program on and pick out your favorite swamp character.

It seems the Committee can only make recommendations.  Basically it functions as a paper tiger. The level of mismanagement, the violation of rules, the corruption makes one want to shower after watching how a promised “transparent” government could betray its citizens so completely.

As the committee members dig into public officials and employees testimony, it is shocking the number of government officials who plead the fifth.  Some of the silent government appointees and hired staff fear that they will bear the brunt of the corruption they supported from below.  As with Hillary her lies came through crystal clear, same with AG Loretta Lynch.

The lower minions, who you quickly ascertain have no right to hold these positions, stammer and sputter as they let loose with lame excuses in a profoundly lame verbal expression.  I would like to hear one simply say, “I didn’t do what I was hired to do,” or “I am as unqualified as I seem.”  But if you look closer they might be doing exactly what they  were expected to do.

True, President Obama didn’t hire them.  But his administration did.  Maybe he was on one of his 30plus vacations?  Maybe his family was on a multi million dollar vacation?  Regardless, the lies and deception begin at the top.  Look at the cabinet.  Their faces might as well be on posters in the Post Office.

Got to go and watch another weiner roast.