Never paid any attention to gun control except what I read or hear on the news media.  Based on the media my report is that there is a huge cry for gun control mainly because of the mass shootings.  I can understand that.

Then I look at the statistics and realize that the media is either ill informed or has an agenda.

The second amendment has a strong connection to the fourth amendment.  Back in the colonial times the government had the right to quarter the military in your house.  So having a weapon had a purpose.

The statistics clearly show that there is an urban subculture that allows the media to focus on guns as the issue.  However the statistics show that eliminating guns would increase the violence.

We have federal laws that already prohibit automatic weapons.  And in locations where the laws are state or city laws the amount of automatic weapons in the hands of the mentally limited is very high.  Don’t these people obey the law (sarcasm inserted here)

A psychological principle of the avoidance of pain suggests that entering a house, city or state where someone can do to me what evil I have in mind for them makes me avoid that possibility


P.S.Part of the A-Z to me is finding things.  I think I published a 6 minute video website.  that I base my opinion on but I know there is a better way to post it.

Maybr this is it.  Six minutes will at least challenge your beliefs if not change them.


  1. I frankly don’t care if banning guns is a deterrent or not (although I think that European statistics shows otherwise – don’t quote me). Guns are made for killing. Our “civilized” world needs to move on from holding onto what was “needed” decades and centuries ago. I have confidence that humans can find lots of other creative ways to terrorize without being lethal.

    I say ban the bullets and let everyone have fun pointing their empty chambers at one another – gun chambers and brain chambers.

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