Have you ever pondered that the Democrat party in the US to be the good ole boys?

Well have no doubt that after these hearings the top officials could not/would not answer simple questions about right and wrong, legal and illegal.  Come to think of it, that’s how they have addressed most questions.

The  Hillary defenders talked about gun control, race relations anything but what lay on the agenda.  I suspect those who still can’t admit the fix was in are saying things like “what about your side?  what about Bush?  What about Cheney and WMDs?

To me, the clincher in this deal centers around two events.  The first is the Clinton lie about the Lynch beat down.  I only wish to know how he threatened her.

The second events came with the unctuous endorsement by Barry.  “She (Hillary) is the best man or woman for the job.”  A blind person could see through that.

Some important issues remain but this turn of events (can you believe that telling the truth is a turn of events?) may change the voting landscape.  America will be voting for its moral soul.

No respectful Dem can defend the Clinton debacle.  The hacks are firmly entrenched and only a house cleaning will suffice.

Heading into the election all that needed to be done was fix the votes in the five swing states.  California and New York, stand like Sodom and Gomorrah, and the votes make the sanity in the other states a wash.

But now with people opting to vote for morality, fixing the ballots might extend past the five swing states.  Florida is a lock with the 147% turn out and the 100% in another county for Obama, nothing can change that fraud.

But now a few states might swing another way.  A way outside the corruption zone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the vote of the people?














I enjoy reading and watching the videos on the web.  The variety opens my thought process.  There was a time in the early 15 and 16 hundreds where a Spanish peasant might learn from a passerby that the war had just ended.  The war he did not know about.

Funny but with all the information available, I don’t know about the WAR.  I look at information on one topic in one locale.  No matter what I read the information appears inaccurate.

There are mass shootings around the world that I learn about months afterward (feel like that Spanish peasant).  There is direct testimony that I watch live on TV that makes me cringe, yet that information is dismissed.  I read that a Republican made a deal that suggests pay off and then that a Democrat congresswoman is looking at 300 years in prison for blatant fraud.  Again I say that BOTH sides are corrupt.  And anyone who defends them is a pinhead/sheeple/idiot/moron/ hack.

I no longer read far right or far left material.  The disparity alone can pull your head apart.  I no longer read the major news sources for accurate information.  I look for what they don’t cover.  I do not care what some actor or actress thinks, who they are voting for or their opinion on a particular political person.  Likewise I don’t care  what a pundit or political shill says, although I do pay attention because I guarantee they are priming the sheeple.  And voila the sheeple carry the message forth.

The area that gets me is the conspiracy people who believe that the event didn’t happen.  Getting an audience of people who don’t know the location, don’t read the paper from that area, don’t interview a wide range of people, yet believe a possible psychotic person telling a story, well that haunts me.  Not that there is a psychotic story teller but that he is making money sharing his delusion.

So while there exists this group of psychotic believers they overtly ignore the testimony and lies of their representatives.

Maybe that’s the point.

































A social psychologist and researcher, James Pennebaker, found that whenever a catastrophic event occurs there comes a increase of physical illness in the immediate locale.  So the number of heart attacks, strokes and various outbreaks of illness will increase above the actuarial tables for that locale as compared to non affected areas.

So with the recent shootings in Dallas, Minnesota and Louisiana we expect to see physical expressions of a deep sadness.  However I suspect the hurt from these incidents has a broader reach than most.

I believe that the horror of these shootings leads most people to want to blame someone.  Black Lives Matter blames the police, the white community blames black lives matter.  I possess a different view, a longer view, a three dimensional view.  I readily admit that this view has many weaknesses, but the statistical numbers show a different view.

Work with me here as this needs to be developed.

I grew up in Chicago and went to a fully integrated public high school for exceptional students.  So the African Americans (they were called black back then) I knew possessed good intellect, scored high on tests and competed with all students equally.  I never saw the segregation things that the history books show in Chicago.  I never had bad feelings against blacks, in fact I played several sports and became teammates with many whom I admired for various reasons.

This is not to say that things weren’t taking place — they were.   I just saw it outside of my experience.  Let me give an example.  I noticed that black athletes played very aggressively.  I sought to imitate that style.  They also tended to band together as blacks.  I understood that as they took the bus south and I went west.  They went home to a life I did not comprehend.

As a forensic neuropsychologist,  I evaluated thousands of black youth who entered the criminal system.  They committed the crimes they were charged with, usually against other blacks in a black neighborhood.  As an intern I tested all the youth in the juvenile justice center and I saw one IQ score above the average.

Remember I went to a high school where we all scored high on tests.  The major issue I saw was not poverty, not poor schools, not hunger.  I saw a culture that did not fit.  You can say they didn’t fit because of racism but here in Miami special programs were offered to assist the youth and the families.  The number of uneducated, poorly employable moms stood off the chart compared to other cultures.

I saw the issue one of culture.  Yes a culture that did not fit in the current state of America.  It seemed that the culture accepted deadbeat dads.  It seemed that mothers worked but had no time, at all, to watch or control their children.

The same low standard school the blacks attended also housed the white students.  But the divide widened.

It is easy to want to point the finger but as my mother said, “Remember the other three finger point back at you.”  There is no one thing that makes this divide.  Reread that last line.  I will suggest some things that chew at the fabric of inequality.

First, the murder of anyone for any reason should sadden us.  If a person is in the commission of a crime and gets shot the sadness is how that person got there.  What led a person to crime?  A bad family?  Lack of good parenting? Lack of a social conscience?  This happens in all cultures.  No exceptions.  Even good parenting  can be overpowered by a culture.  In this case I am talking of the  cell phone, television/ movie violence, the I gotta have this now, you owe it to me culture.  You all know of which I speak.

As a white male, I have a similar feeling that the blacks speak of.  I am disliked not because I worked my way through school, I figured out how to further my education, I held two jobs, but because I am white.  So think if you have a less educated white populace feeling the threat from another group.  No, not that their status is threatened because it isn’t.  The whites are suffering  as much as any segment of the population.

Let’s do the math on this one.  Four guys are drinking in a bar.  They all work and all four earn the average of $53,000 a year.  The average salary of the American household.  In walks Bill Gates.  What is their average salary now?

Yes, Gates is white.  The point is that the average white American struggles with the average black American.  The whites resent the complaints, they resent the implication that they have something to do with the black culture.

It takes place right here.  Somebody is quoted in the press with an anti black statement.  It goes viral.  More hate receives a promotion.

In comes political correctness.  You can’t say or feel certain ways because it is wrong by someone’s self imposed belief.

Let’s examine the statistics.  Under what president have the most shootings and mass shooting occurred?  Of the last four presidents, where has the financial inequality been the largest?  Of those same four presidents, which one has done the least for the American Black?

Having worked with police officers both on the street (as a paramedic) and in treatment as a psychologist they feared for their safety more working in a black neighborhood.  The FBI crime statistics clearly show that black on black crime is reported as high but less than black on white crime.  This includes all types of crime.  The statistics are frightening.

The cries to stop black crime are muffled  by the press.  They report the crimes that sell ads.  As in gun control, the statistics show that more crimes are prevented with the use of a gun than in the commission of a crime with a gun.  That is carefully withheld from the public debate  What else is held from the public debate?

There exists no “one solution.”  But there are places to start.  The protest in Dallas had the right intent but that was lost in the sniper shooting.  The whites tried to defend the  actions of a bad police action and the blacks, likewise, tried to defend the actions of a hate crime.

Unfortunately, I believe that I know how this ends.  Neither side will take responsibility for their faults largely because they believe they are without fault.  Solve that and solutions will make sense.

Get rid of the politicians who talk but don’t walk.  They won’t care because their pensions are so cushy.

Don’t listen to the press.  They wrote and gave statements that portrayed the police stop as unwarranted.

I believe that before anyone can talk about a police shooting they must take the police good guy bad guy shooting test and report their score while they talk to the press

I may not be right but I have ideas.































































I like the secondary message that is not present in the news.  The story behind the story. In fact, I am in awe of the social history that we miss, right now, because we are so caught up in the agenda of the biased media.

There are few, if any, objective observers who see what is taking place.  If they exist, they are forbidden to write about it in the media because it would do two things.  First, it would go against the prevailing narrative/agenda/ sales driven focus.  Secondly, it would expose a major flaw in our human perspective.

A disclaimer is necessary here.  I can write this because I have no desire to be right.  Nothing I know has value to this generation as the right/wrong, red/blue, liberal/conservative, rich/poor, fill in the blank/fill in the blank already are so firmly entrenched in a thought process that they can’t see what future historians will write about.

I only want to observe and report.  A blind person can see that the Hillary Clinton issue is the festering scab on a social change.  That a segment of the population (women) want a female in power, that they are willing to support and defend THAT woman as their choice becomes the social issue.

Second disclaimer.  I am wrestling between moral and just.  I stand in the middle of the political spectrum.  I lean to the right because the values, although currently pervaded, exist there.  The left has decided on a new set of values that they claim are more fair.

Since I can simply observe, and have developed a safety check to attempt neutrality, I have the unique opportunity to uncover how the individual thought processes of either side gets to that way of thinking.  This will not be pretty and will most likely offend both sides.

I must first interject the POWER consortium.  These are people and organizations that band together to express their rights and their opinions.  In any organization there exists a power.  In the US Congress there is a power on the right and a power on the left.  Both powers are wealthy, even those in heavy debt are wealthy.  I mention this to juxtapose the smaller, less wealthy organizations that have limited wealth and resources.  This could be a gay rights group, a feminist group, a church group.  Eventually someone will want to take power over this group.

The ideas, the thought process might take a stronger form.  If the organization has financial or political resources this power tends to funnel through a select few who tend to want the power they see in the few organizations such as Congress.  Make no mistake, Congress is controlled by money.  Who has that kind of money.  The organizations I speak of –NO.  They would like a piece of that pie but they don’t have what is necessary.

Social Change.  After this Clinton scandal, after all the black.white shootings, after the decline of the economy, after the food shortages, after the unread laws are enacted, what will be the social change?

Will a better government come about?

Will blacks see that the Democrat party keeps them slaves?

Will whites come to see that their anger has roots in the history they believe?

Will people see that a color or a sex does not necessarily rule better?

Will people come to see that untoward forces come with a smile and make promises?

Ahh!  But you say this has happened before.

That’s my point.  Don’t read about in future generations.  Write it, read it, NOW.
































I know a group of people who know everything.  I will choose the top three to begin my point.

The first is my long time friend, Bill.  He was the most honest person I ever knew. He had a sense of wisdom about him.  The gray beard, the eyes that looked through you, the ability to be silent for long periods of uncomfortable time.

Bill had amassed much wealth by following a few basic principles.  Always buy with cash, only invest in closed end mutual funds that are on sale, follow the money makers (follow the president of a stock that switches to manage another stock).  Bill fought in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam.  He retired a Major, got a degree from the GI bill and only rolled over stocks.  He shared his wealth of ideas and his money to worthy causes.

I invested as he suggested and did well.  He put me onto a penny stock that went through the roof.  He liked President Clinton and NAFTA.  I said that I did not trust Clinton and anything he recommended had an evil end.  He laughed.  He also thought President Obama to be an upstanding guy.  It seems that wisdom does not recognize bad character.

My second friend of absolute knowledge is well educated and well read.  I must admit I admire those qualities because he can discuss a wide range of topics with facts to back up his statements.

In the time I’ve known him he has fallen prey to a con artist, backed a fraudulent medicare scam and believes that his vote in the US counts.  It seems that knowledge does not recognize bad character.

My third friend has never been wrong since he found Jesus.  It appears that the rest of mankind have all missed the only transport to heaven.  I often wonder if this vehicle has only one seat or if he has the pilot seat as well.  (I must add that of the 1500 religious denominations, the good fortune I had to find the only transport to the promised land. )

As an aside, I attend several different religious encounters during a two week period. No two agree on ANYTHING.  They don’t agree in their own denomination.  I wonder if there exists a penalty for misinterpreting the Bible and turning people away?

Back to my friend.  He gets all his information from the right religious sector, validates it with (I often agree) left wing smear material.  Funny, you don’t need to smear it, just the facts should work — but the facts don’t work when they come with judgment).  My friend believes in nearly every right winged conspiracy theory that exists.  What makes it unpalatable is he ties them together often using the Bible and when the facts don’t quite mesh he sounds like Dan Brown and brings in angels and demons. I have a friend on the left who disavows ALL conspiracy possibilities but comes from a non religious point of view.  It sounds just as ridiculous and gives science a bad name.

I don’t know about you, but my life can be summed up in a short sentence — “Well that didn’t go  as planned.”  I have a junk yard of bad plans, missed opportunities and it seems that I struggled to get anything right.

I used to ask my mother if you aren’t suppose to trust anyone how do you get things done.  She said “verify what they say AFTER you follow the money.”

So I used my mother’s strategy with Obama and Hillary and my question now becomes how can so many people be so wrong?  and defend it?