Deflategate and Political Corruption

I really don’t get it.

I read pages on DEFLATEGATE the investigation into the NFL footballs having been deflated below the levels ascribed by the rules.  These balls were used during a championship game.  The press was asking questions like wolves near injured prey as they grilled the coach and the next day the quarterback.  Then came the questions and discussions online if this would hurt the legacy of the New England Patriots.  They brought up past penalties imposed by the NFL as suggestive of lying on behalf of the New England Patriots.  The point being, there was significant interest in a seemingly insignificant element.

I like football and enjoy watching all types of sports.  I have no financial investment in any team.  The owners are wealthy and wield much sway in their community.  I have no say in what the owners or NFL body says or does.

But I pay taxes and have a financial investment in what elected officials do.  Where was the minute scrutiny in questions during the impeachment of Bill Clinton?  Did we forget that the necessary votes to remove the impeached president from office fell on party lines?  The man was convicted as a liar with strong testimony indicating an abuse of power.  Yet this man speaks and people listen as if he can only be telling the truth.  He is an impeached liar, end of story.  Nothing he says holds merit without scrutiny.  There are people who do know that he was impeached.

The chairman of the New York state assembly, Sheldon Silver, has been arrested on corruption charges related to a 4 million dollar bribe and kickback scheme.  There is a web site that lists the arrests and convictions of state officials.  It only lists the convictions not those that were investigated but prevailed as not guilty of the charges.  This particular website does not include the city officials such as the education and housing development members or similar boards frequently used in local government.  I mention that because two years ago in October, I heard a radio broadcast stating that the arrest of an education board member was the 75th arrest so far that year of a public official in the State of New Jersey.  It seems possible that these crimes might be divided into elected officials and appointed officials or city, county and state.   Either way, from top to bottom, however you define scandal or corruption, there is a hefty amount of both in government.

A Congressional member receives an annual salary of $174,000.  This does not include benefits and retirement packages.  There are allowances for travel that may not be seen as a benefit.  Congressional members also receive a premium health insurance plan outside of what the Congress mandates for other federal employees.

I often see these campaign funds listed in the millions of dollars for a job that only pays a $174,000 and think that does not make sense.  Until I saw the $4 million dollar bribe charge on the NY Assembly chair.  As I read further into the charges, that charge was only the tip of what the FBI believes to be a more pervasive scandal.

How is it that 2 pounds of air missing in a football receives such scrutiny when the Affordable Care Act has so many obvious flaws that suggests that our elected officials either did not read or simply received something for their support of the bill.

Let me say that no health care bill, on either side of the aisle, will work so long as health care is a “for profit” entity.  Then let me further state that the U.S. government, possibly any government, has not been able to manage any program without massive fraud and incompetence.  With the Affordable Care Act there are NO constraints on medical costs.  Heck, they couldn’t even get the website up and running and you think your health care will be better.  Get Real!!!!

The world is facing real problems; problems so large that reducing the world’s population is one solution that is bandied about in the political arena.  This may be the only program a government can do well.

Stop the corruption first.

This article is the first of many searching for viable solutions to problems that appear outside the medias focus.