Twenty-three days has offered me a look at myself.  Besides learning that my blogging skills are limited (have trouble with links, pictures, videos, audios,replies and a litany of other things) I did find I deal  mainly in logic.

This has advantages and disadvantages.  An advantage is I can return to a fixed starting point.  I can change my thoughts and accept new ideas.  The disadvantage is there are so few people who are logical.  They deal in emotion.  Emotion shuns facts.

My third major employment as a paramedic fit perfectly with this thinking.  I remained very cool and logical under often dire circumstances.  Then for 31 years I practiced forensic neuropsychology that gave me a view of life that few get to see.  I really do know something about life, death and the way we think.

I know you cannot discuss rational things with an irrational person.  You can utilize techniques to maneuver them in a position so you can do your job.  But they cannot change that basic personality.  Likewise my run to logic also does not change.   I do get emotional but can return to a place of safety.  I believe that illogical thinkers do not have a place of safety.

I have a list of errors from little league to things I can’t believe I’ve done.  If I could, I would change those errors but I can’t, so I logically move on with a warehouse of personal knowledge that can fill books.

There are issues I want to discuss but the topics are forbidden in today’s culture.  So I have to figure out a way to bring these topics up that will prevent the emotion of the reader/listener from taking hold.

This is my goal.

This is my goal.

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