I have always wondered what a hate crime is.  Does that mean that some murders are done without hate?

Heck since they are going to qualify crime as hate and it’s opposite then we should have STUPID crimes.

Yeah, when someone commits a crime in a stupid manner.  Like the bank robber that left his I.D. on the counter.  That would be qualified as “stupid.”  And like the “hate” crime should have a larger penalty.  In fact, they could further qualify the crime as an “evolutionary” crime.

This would require the death penalty to insure that future offspring would not carry the “stupid crime gene.”

Makes sense to me.



My wife and I had a great relationship.  We saw things, events and people from a similar perspective.  It is good for couples and friends to be similar in thought.

We often joked about how naïve and trusting we have been.  That held true until we labeled people with the X –factor.

The X-factor simply was our openly stating that a person possessed the X-factor. This is the common ability to fill in a hole in their thinking by just making something up; hyperbolizing, using numbers or names of famous stupid people or emotions to push their point across.

It takes two to tango.  We decided that from that day forward we would validate every statement made to us.  Up to that point we just accepted our friend’s statements as fact.  Our friends were educated, established members of the community and good speakers.  Many held political office.

I live in a foreign country were the expat community is smaller than my high school.  There is little challenge about facts for several reasons.  First, no one cares, secondly they are preaching to the choir.

I log in to the local FaceBook page which is graffiti for the elderly and see post after post of pithy sayings, cute phrases and the cats!!!  The posts are okay but the comments challenge sanity.  It is little wonder the future generations , their offspring, will suffer.

For example a large contingent of posts railed against the aluminum in vaccines.  (some still say they use mercury)  When I asked how much aluminum is in the highly sought after Himalayan pink salt, they thought I was joking.  They take in more aluminum in their sodium intake. But that’s apparently different.

Must be because they have the X-factor.



Twenty-three days has offered me a look at myself.  Besides learning that my blogging skills are limited (have trouble with links, pictures, videos, audios,replies and a litany of other things) I did find I deal  mainly in logic.

This has advantages and disadvantages.  An advantage is I can return to a fixed starting point.  I can change my thoughts and accept new ideas.  The disadvantage is there are so few people who are logical.  They deal in emotion.  Emotion shuns facts.

My third major employment as a paramedic fit perfectly with this thinking.  I remained very cool and logical under often dire circumstances.  Then for 31 years I practiced forensic neuropsychology that gave me a view of life that few get to see.  I really do know something about life, death and the way we think.

I know you cannot discuss rational things with an irrational person.  You can utilize techniques to maneuver them in a position so you can do your job.  But they cannot change that basic personality.  Likewise my run to logic also does not change.   I do get emotional but can return to a place of safety.  I believe that illogical thinkers do not have a place of safety.

I have a list of errors from little league to things I can’t believe I’ve done.  If I could, I would change those errors but I can’t, so I logically move on with a warehouse of personal knowledge that can fill books.

There are issues I want to discuss but the topics are forbidden in today’s culture.  So I have to figure out a way to bring these topics up that will prevent the emotion of the reader/listener from taking hold.

This is my goal.

This is my goal.



I DON’T KNOW!  I have so much information and it is contradictory and emotional.

The science articles have a preponderance of information giving studies of successful vaccinations, myself included in those numbers.  The opposers say the scientists have been bought.

There is one researcher who claims vaccinations coincide with the numbered increases in autism.  She also puts GMOs on the list of harmful ingestibles that are correlated with autism. My question is simple, “Is it GMO s or vaccines?”

Occam’s razor plays a significant part in my hesitancy on this issue..  If you have a choice between a simple explanation or a complex explanation, choose the simple one.

When I asked people about their thoughts on vaccines the responses centered around complexity.  For example, when I asked for explanations I received information about chem. trails, cloud seeding, bank fraud and FEMA camps.  They needed these alternatives to support their feelings. (I chose the word feeling because I have come to the conclusion that being wrong is a feeling.)

The other frequent response I get is the vaccines have aluminum and mercury in them.   Mercury left the vaccines in 2002 but the replacement stabilizer can be considered worse – aluminum.  “You know aluminum causes Alzheimer’s” I heard this several times.  One person who told me that also sent me an article about a guy who ate a Cessna.  If he  gest autism or Alzheimer’s this will sway my opinion.

I read an article by a science reporter who wrote a parody on the use of vaccines.  I use the parody in my class on logical fallacies.

Brass Tax time.  If my grandchild was faced with my son having to make the call I’d say “no, don’t do it.”  My son never listens and would do the opposite just to show me.



My mother had a way of connecting wise sayings that made the world make sense.  When I was little my mother was asked by a man on the street interviewer where she would hide a national secret.  Without hesitating she said, “I’d tell the school board.” At the time that statement made no sense.  If you ever dealt with a school board you know what that means.

My mother’s philosophy went a step further to add if you want to hide something put it “under their nose.”  I’m still trying to put salt on a bird’s tail and now she has me looking under my nose.  Her wisdom haunts me more now than as a child.

Once while scuba diving I got caught in the rush of a zillion fish.  The excitement of all these fish bumping my body proved exhilarating.  When I mentioned this to my mother she said, “I wonder what they were escaping from?”  Her wisdom also could be humbling.

So as I review the study of my beliefs I am looking under my nose.