I wanted to research a topic and found that the cited information was incomplete at best, inaccurate at worst.   I found that dictionary words had different meanings than what older (more accurate/ non biased) dictionaries defined.  It became clear that research and science have been tainted.

What is the source and goal of this overt misinformation?  I don’t know because they don’t advertise.  The ad would have to look something like this:  New World Order seeks to misinform, to divert attention from bigger events by giving unwarranted power to undeserving people under the guise (choose one of the following) a. white males are subverting minorities b. LGBTQ needs to be taught in schools c.  terrorists do not exist except in the political arena d. Gore’s scientific and Nobel award winning prediction that we would be under water in 2015 is still on the table.

I don’t know the answers to many questions.  But trying to find a solid base to push from is impossible when so much is simply inaccurate and not true.  I could cite various articles but they appear opinions with references that are additional opinions.

I read these hate Trump rants and it is obvious that the information that is claimed by these ranters is false.  I get it — you don’t like Trump.  But don’t write such see through arguments that add meaning to fake information.

One can’t compare the words of Trump’s sexual power grabs to the lawsuits filed against Clinton let alone the deaths associated with the Clintons.  There was not the uproar then as there is now comparing words to deeds.

As I read these articles I think, the objective of the article is to convince me to come over to your side.  Well the language, the misinterpretations, the false claims substantiated by other false claimers  are not convincing me.  They make me take a deeper look at the other side.

The other side is not so good but compared to the projected moral high ground of these rants they look good.  You convinced me to lean to the right because they are less bad than you portray in your rants of hate.

I read a blog where the firing of a CNN reporter who called the president “a piece of shit” was  considered a blow to objective free speech.  Huh?

I read another blog that complained about the new health care bill.  They based their argument on the belief that Obama care works.  What planet does that algorithm work?

There is only one party.  The longer you refuse to acknowledge this the less prepared you will be in the upcoming crisis.  You can call the party the “money” party, the “big business” party or the “special interest” party/  They have conveniently labelled them Dem and Rep so you feel an attachment to your parents beliefs.

No health care bill will work where some one profits.  It has to be no profit.  They can figure out a better way to scam money under that system later.  I hope you don’t think 140 k a year job affords the kind of wealth and luxury our politicians enjoy.

The tipping point for me is the party that will not come to the table to hammer out ideas, the party that has sworn to oppose, the party that the silent minority — like me — will vote out of office next term.

Oh yeah, my research remains in limbo.





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