Right from the start, “I don’t understand politics.” Being a white male (not even a privileged white male) I resented being called a racist, a misogynist and a homophobe.  I resented this because I am not any of those labels.  But if I dared to comment on any subject I quickly received that label. So when Trump won the election I understood what middle America voted for.


When you look at the map and see the entire red swatch with the blue on each coast and the “den of iniquity” (Chicago, Illinois) my formative years locale, you need only lay over a map of crime.  Those same blue spots weigh most heavy in crime.  How could that escape a regular journalist let alone an investigative journalist?


Ray Charles could see that the press was not reporting the news (and he’s dead).  The press was an active participant in the attempt to elect Hillary.  So let’s take the time, as pretend investigative journalists, and compare the candidates.

1T.  Trump’s university mismanaged funds from applicants.

1H.  Hillary’s Clinton Foundation took exorbitant amounts of money that give the appearance that while she was Secretary of State she might be influencing US policy as a form of remuneration.

2T. Trump said he forced his desires on  women without their permission.

2H. WikiLeaks revealed that Hillary may be involved in a global pedophile ring.

3T. Trump said he wants to build a fence to keep unwarranted people from endangering the American way of life.

3H.  Hillary said that she welcomes all the unwarranted immigrants into sanctuary cities.

4T.  Trump gets along with Putin and wants to normalize relations.

4H.  Hillary believes that Russia (Putin) hacked her email and wants to drive a wedge between the US and Russia.

5T. Trump says a lot of dumb things on Twitter but his server is open to all and he admits this.

5H.  Hillary wrote a lot of emails that WikiLeaks collected from a non secure email and she denied all the infractions of US security laws.

6T.  Trump has no connections to politics, in fact even his own party ran against him.

6H. Hillary has deep connections with the established party in fact the President endorses and uses Air Force 1 to campaign for her.

7T. Trump is nationalistic

7H. Hillary is a globalist.

8T.  Trump says he will represent all citizens equally

8H.  Hillary will represent all people except white males.

A rational person could only choose one of these candidates.  So why was the election so close.  Oh yeah.

9T.  Trump is male.

9H.  Hillary is female.

Remember we are investigative journalists.  Why did Hillary stand before Congress to defend her emails while Trump did not have to defend alleged ties to Russia?

Why does the Trump University scandal hold more press time than the Clinton Foundation?

Why is the media not addressing the WikiLeaks emails?

Why does the president of Haiti say they never received much money from the Clinton Foundation?

Tying these questions together is more than any investigative journalist could want.  But wait there is so much more.










Possibly dead.

You cannot believe anything the press says.  They are the only corrupt and dishonest group that, even outed, will keep on keeping on.

The liberals still don’t get it.  They started eating their own kind.  They cancelled university mid terms and set up “safe places” with “hot chocolate” to help spin their threatened return to reality.

The media has not adjusted.  Surprisingly, the liberals themselves don’t get it.  They want to blame “one” thing but it is a rotation of things that they called a platform.  The platform talked but the actions spoke louder.

But they decided to reorganize.  As one liberal honestly stated, “the bench is empty.”  Ah but he is wrong.  The liberals have some left over insipid crooks to advise them.


the Republicans have an all-star cast of proven doers.  They will put bills before Congress that will show how time was wasted while avoiding the Constitution.  (oh yeah the press made it seem like the back door had to be used because the Republicans did not want to move in a global manner– that’s why they were elected to stop the global push).

I don’t agree with some of the bills proposed.  Guess what! With a Congress, open discussion and TRANSPARENCY we can make changes that we see fit.


Trump vowed to appoint a commission to go after her if he was elected.  They (Hillary and Trump) made nice before the cameras.  Same with Obama.

Some say that the Republicans have too much work to do and will not waste time.  The pundits (who have been wrong on nearly everything) say that the Republicans need the Dems to pass legislation.

Dems have not been nice in 8 years but extending them an olive branch remains a viable option.  But fear is also a motivator.  Let America and the world see that corruption will be punished.  At the same time the Democrat party will be destroyed and a new party will be formed.

I never saw a difference in the elite in either party.  They padded their own pocket on each side.  The third party is Wall Street and you saw how quickly they switched from the Dems to the Reps.

I fear a third party is forming — the Progressive one issue politically correct party.  But they did not learn one thing from this election.  They will cannabalize themselves after a few sparks.


The press will seize the opportunity to fan the discord.  For 8 years the President of the United States with the help of the press, divided blacks from whites from Hispanics.  They separated men from women, educated from less educated, unions from management.  It worked until Hillary ruined everything.  Bernie would have won.  Honestly, Jeffrey Weiner had the edge on Donald.  You can’t bring THAT MUCH baggage.

The press will try to sell commercials by making the story and filling in the narrative.  Learn this one thing from the election — THE PRESS IS EVIL.


For the open minded and those who love America put aside your one agenda and meet the other side on common ground.

Look at every media piece with the understanding that there is an agenda, a backer, a commercial enterprise that is trying to profit and sway your thinking.  Then challenge that media with a written or vocal protest.  You can use other media to help as they will also eat their own kind for higher ratings and profit.

Obama promoted change.  He did nothing.  But his years of nothing, the corruption in his cabinet has done exactly as we all wanted – CHANGE- only 8 years later.  Seize the olive branch.














































Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States.  I had no dog in the fight.  I watched, I listened and I am now reporting.  I watched 7 broadcasts and saw something I think as obvious.

First, the biggest winner is the United States.  No matter what President Trump does the string of corruption has ended.  The establishment has ended.

In my bouncing around through the various media coverages I saw what America voted against.  I saw how Trump found the soft underbelly of the establisahment – the media.

The media bias continued even after they (the media) lost.  They did not see that the vote was as much against them as against the establishment (as if you could separate the media/press from the establishment)  One outlet said the media was a loser.  I beg to differ.  They will all have their jobs tomorrow and with hate and vengance they will continue their false narrative instead of uncovering what the American public uncovered.

While the American public uncovered and saw the truth the media lied, gave selective OPINIONS and became part of the establishment.  But they now must change their approach.  No they didn’t see they were wrong.  They will regroup and snipe from here on.  They lost the election but they didn’t lose their jobs.

 I watched some right leaning news casts and they said “we” just as the left leaning news did.  Only the left leaners were more numerous.  If they replay their broadcasts the left leaners might see that they spouted hatred for what they never saw.  They did not see that America is a broader spectrum of people.  They spun it as dumb white males coming out to vote.  No one thing cost this election for Hillary unless you consider arrogance a voting category.

The Young Turks is a far left online progressive group.  They spouted hatred for any opinion other then their agenda.  They called those who did not agree with them  “fuckers”, “mother fuckers” and more.  President Trump never talked like that.  TYTs personified the shallow thoughts of the left.


In my sampling after the loss seemed evident one news pundit mentioned Wikileaks.  The immorality of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the acceptance of this behavior had met the silent moral majority.

The election was as much about morality as about the spin of the left whatever it changes to today after the election.  You have to watch the media daily to see how they change.  Tom Brokaw still doesn’t get it.  There is a limit to corruption.

The financial markets reacted to the new president.  The media leaned wrong on this projection also.  The wheels are coming undone  But eventually they will find a way to make money and bounce back.  The difference is they may have to be honest (sorry – less dishonest).

One left leaning analyst said he thought President Trump might be best served in his promise to create jobs for infrastructure.  He added that he does not understand why Obama did not do that.


Trump spoke the truth.  Not the politically correct truth, but the truth resonated throughout the moral conscience. He knows who Obama is and he knows what his goal was. Trump backed down from the depth of that truth.  He read Wikileaks, he outed the Bushes in the 911 incident, he backed off the overt facts of Obama’s citizenship.

The question now is after he appoints his new cabinet, will the US go after Obama, his corrupt cabinet and the Clintons. The Clintons will be in Qatar because there is no US interdiction there and they have a house close to Obama there.


Asking the left to behave as they have professed is like asking a leopard to changes its spots.  But allow the voices of the American people, the voices that crossed racial lines, the voices that crossed educational and gender lines, don’t spin the narrative but become part of the American narrative.

You might find that political activism and a free press are not compatible.  Honesty is refreshing.  Try it.




























While working as a forensic neuropsychologist in a Democrat county stronghold, I had the occasion to develop many professional relationships.  One psychologist specialized in evaluating families.  Her end goal was to make a recommendation to the court on child placement.  This psychologist worked in a city that had a liberal cabal of power.

My first encounter with this psychologist came through a court referral.  The referring attorney said that the father in the family she evaluated had an evil personality.  Remember this was an attorney saying this.

I requested her test findings.  The next day I had two neat boxes with full test results of all family members.  The reports were organized and separated by person.  Honestly, I had never seen such a well organized presentation.

I read through the test results and through her report.  The test findings did not match her result page.  I checked all the names and honestly was confused.  She had performed every objective test plus a few projective tests.  She took copious notes and even wrote legibly.  All her addition proved correct.

I telephoned a colleague and explained my findings.  He simply said, “Follow the money and remember what city you are in.”  I thought that response cryptic.

I found her bill for her services to be exorbitant and paid for by the husband who was best friends with one of the inner circle of that liberal city.  I just connected the dots and it stood right before my eyes.  She had been bought.

I went to court and caught her unaware of my abilities.  The judge made a fair decision.  I knew next time they would find a more favorable judge.  Possibly one who had roots in that liberal city.

Long story short.  I went to court against her several times.  Always received beautifully written reports that did not match the well organized material.  I never approached her on this discrepancy between end results and test results because the answer would not be honest. But I did learn from those encounters.  I organized my materials, I wrote carefully, I offered contrary findings (something she did not) and I saw her as a professional making a lucrative living.

A technique she used was to take an indisputable fact and make it take precedence over any other facts.  These other contrary facts never surfaced in here reports.

This story leads me to The Young Turks.  TYT is a private online liberal news organization.  The main speaker on this internet program, Cenk Uygar, is a well spoken person.  One of his associates, a female speaker, Ana Kasparian, does not have the skill he has to modulate his voice to suggest he is not biased.  In fact, he frequently states that he is not biased but rather that he is explaining the irrefutable facts as they lay before you.  His cohort has vitriol in her tone that gives away her liberal hate for those that disagree or simply have a difference of opinion.

I like good writing and speakers who know how to use rhetoric to persuade an audience.  For example, I do not watch Rachel Maddow because she shrieks her message.  The same with Megan Kelly, she smirks her dislike.  Jim Carville and Alan Colmes give me pause.  Carville, I seldom agree with, but I like his approach.  Colmes I watch to remind myself how far the brain can rationalize before Alzheimer’s takes full control.  And Juan Williams can spin a yarn that would make Aristotle offer another philosophical form of illogic.

So I am watching a YouTube video of our young Turk, Cenk Uygar.  He reads an actual email from Wikileaks that unravels the Clinton scandal and plot.  He takes no quarter in his disclosure in this email.  He hits the nail on the head – the Clinton scandal, her greed, her selling out our secrets for cash, her overt lies.  I actually felt proud that this American could step back from his liberal position, tell the facts that matter and do it eloquently.

But Wait…..

He came back with a second video.  After he just unveiled the facts of corruption, the selling of secrets and more.  He then goes on to defend his vote for Hillary.


I got news for you.  I would put Jeffrey Weiner in the White House before Hillary.  The sad part is that most Dems would do the same because they are stuck on a single issue and do not understand that child predation trumps any single agenda.

I imagine that our Young Turk might be watching the other dots that are connecting to the candidate that he is voting for.  She was peddling American influence for cash.  She was selling America’s safety.  And this is backing right up to the White House.

And Judge Napolitano.  He said that he did not think the revelation of this information was appropriate this close to the election, citing the Hatch Law.  I understand your logic judge.  Why should the American people know that their entire government is rotten to the core before they vote in the last piece of destruction? (insert angry sarcasm here).

The Hatch Law came about in 1939 to address the Democrat smear that influenced that election.  It was revised by Democrats in 2012 to permit this diabolical plot to globalize.

For all those who voted for Obama and now for Hillary, shame and disgrace awaits all of us.  When this type of deceit and treachery becomes acceptable, when these kinds of lies are supported openly in the press, it is time to revolt.

I don’t know how this will end because we don’t know the outcome of the election.  We know that 17 states have Soros voting machines.  We saw that Florida had 147% voter turnout in one county for Obama and some counties with a 100% ballots cast for Obama.

I don’t think Hillary will go to jail.  If she doesn’t the Democrat party will have to change its name.  The players will remain with the new Progressive  moniker and the Republican party will clean up the mess by making a new mess with their own people.  Because this much money and power is like the ring in the JRR Tolkien trilogy the Lord of the Rings.

Mark my words, this government must reorganize and return to the spirit of the constitution.  That document did not foresee the press being bought, but they did warn of the government.   We only need to follow the constitution.  There is room in there for LGBT and the KKK.  There must be an accounting for the violations done by this administration and the one trying to further this miscarriage.

 This election, more than any other, is between overt corruption and rampant immorality against a guy who is gruff.  Don’t show the world that America can be bought and will accept political corruptness as a matter of course.  Vote as if your kids futures depend on it.





































































































During the Obama campaigns, I was fascinated by the media’s avoidance of Obama’s strong irrefutable ties to various subversive actors.  I believed that the media would rip his actions to shreds.  After all that is the function of the fourth estate.

When Obama started appointing these subversives, these individuals who attacked not only the principles of American morality but morality itself I did and said nothing.  I worked in a corrupt county of Florida that despised Republicans.  If they had learned I was a Catholic I would be doomed.  There are rules that one must follow.

Journalism took on a different tone.  The magazines and underground newspapers took sides.  The sides they took were special interests such as women’s rights, racial equality (they called it racial discrimination), abuse of power and the like.

Each of these interests proved important.  The problem came when someone ran for political office and differed from the media’s special interest agenda.  They either said or did something the media saw as opposed to what they (the media) wanted.  After all the media was creating a story to sell.

In time the special interest agenda’s converged into a single group – a group of angry people who wanted their special group to have more power than any other group.  As an example the vocal minority of LGBT that played on the backing of decent people who did not agree with them but chanted, “let everyone do as they please behind closed doors.”  This seemed like a moral statement.  They did not see the door opening into their schools, their movies and their morality.

A festering problem began, when agreeing with your fellow man’s illogic changed into, “anybody who disagrees with our united dream is evil.”  The only people that were allowed to escape this litmus test were those with power, The Clinton’s, Obama and the self appointed new moral conscience of the left.

But power takes on strange bedfellows.  Money and sex became the moral icon before which they stood (they did not even kneel).  Greed became a bedfellow and Wall Street and Big Business took part.  Foreign players with loads of oil cash voiced their moral opinion of Sharia law and they took a place at the table.  Globalists who profited and stood to profit more brought righteous hate hidden behind cash and influence to the political arena.  News magazines, TV pundits profited from the “train of immorality” that sped down the road of the new, illogical thinking of not only the American mind, but the global mind as well.

Like all things that crawl in the dark the key would be to keep away the light.  Get the press to go along.  Don’t let anyone see what is going on.

Easier said than done.  No, the ground work had been laid.  The schools had been infiltrated with academicians who didn’t need to drink the Kool Aid, they believed these lies already.  Dumb down the intelligence, make white and black disagree, make the police the enemy, make a belief in God a disgrace. In essence take away morality.  Let greed, sex and power be the new morality.

One more thing.  Make anyone who has facts be ridiculed, outcasts from world.  Make farmers look dumb, make opinions equal, if not superior, to facts.  So when someone says or writes something they can be discounted.  In fact, that became the mantra of the DNC.  “Your opinion is only as valuable as we allow it to be.”

This last statement is the litmus test.  To allow someone who does not believe in LGBT, or abortion or God or morality or police authority, a place at the table of free speech.

But the media.  They stand in the way.  Those great investigative journalists will shine the light.

But they didn’t.  They ACTIVELY supported the immorality, the lies and the corruption.  Those internet writers only had flashlights- but it worked.  The things that crawl in the dark don’t look so good in any light.

Why?  What forced these main stream writer’s, these media people to hide the facts, to ignore the truth, to mislead the public, to be part of the scandal – to be immoral?  Did someone threaten their families?  Did they have dirty pictures to ruin them? Did all the Clinton related deaths scare them? Or did they profit financially?

What will they write now?