My Opinion Is Changing

I have always believed it strange that people running for a Congressional seat that pays $140k would spend millions to get that job.  At this point I was influenced by a statement (by a confidential source) “that ALL politicians are crooks.”  I stubbornly refused to believe them all to be crooks but certainly the majority of them.

Not being political but addicted to YouTube, I watch and listen to the arguing back and forth.  I hear the conspiracy theories and personally find them equal to statements made by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John McCain, Debbie Wasserman, and Chuck Shumer. “(McCain, Pelosi and Waters are demented, Wasserman is a psychopath and Shumer needs some special attention)

I live in a foreign country to the U.S.  I lost my internet for 7 weeks.  When I got it back, people remained as stupid as when I left.  Not that I am a paragon of intelligence or factual information but I am logical.  You know in the movies when they find arrows in the dead settlers and tribal feathers how it turns out the financial powers (railroad) needed the settlers to rise up against the Indians. Sometimes the number of attacks and the number of arrows do belong to the Indians.

The Clintons have left so many arrows in their victims that only a complete imbecile would defend, let alone state, that Hilary has America’s best interest at heart. She is evil — even by Muslim standards.  The people who support her (Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta) all are morally bankrupt.

I said that I believed that all politicians are crooks.  I am prepared to stand by the majority of them as corrupt.  But after just two days of YouTube I amend my belief to add that Democrats are  also stupid.  Not a little stupid– really stupid.  And with principals that would make Satan himself proud.

During the Sessions testimony before Congress, after Comey revealed that there was no Russian collusion, the Democrat committee members kept peppering Sessions with Russian collusion.  Their agenda was blatant, uncalled for  and transparent.  The adage “when in a hole STOP digging”  apparently is not in the liberal playbook.

As the libtards each tried to out-snipe the previous libtard, they allowed Sessions to detail the wrong doings of Hilary and her protector Comey..  The Republicans asked the same questions but in a way to clarify what took place.  Even McCain made sense.  The Republicans looked so much better.

Case in point.  The Democrats made a big deal that Sessions would not reveal privileged communications with the president or of ongoing investigations.  They acted like this was a crime.  When Attorney General Holder refused to hand over DOCUMENTS, when Lois Lerner pled the fifth, that was okay.

My new opinion.  The vast majority of politicians are still crooks.  But the Republicans have a higher moral threshold.