There lies a power structure in the world.  When the power structure rears its muscle — something has its attention.

The WASHINGTON POST and NEW YORK TIMES has, in my opinion, given information as news for so long that their agenda has been accepted as the news.  So when they scream that the ice caps are melting and the seals are dying, I don’t believe them.  It may be true but not because they say so.  They have repeatedly cried wolf!

When Donald Trump’s advisor gets arrested for assault, that is news.  But when Hillary does not get arrested for her alleged wrong doings, well that’s news too.  But that goes unreported.  If you compare the charges of the one vs. the other which would be most important in a campaign?   Hmmmm.

This is one of many examples of “the boy who cried wolf.”

When the biased press, when the biased Congress, when the supposed off center talk show hosts suddenly seem to band together — something is up.  I suspect that the status quo is in jeopardy.

Ted Cruz couldn’t win security guard in Congress, yet the Republicans are supporting a candidate they will not vote for.  Why?  Because a Trump win will rally the forces of change.  A Hillary win will further the agenda of the status quo.  The parties will be broken, destroyed, kaput.  All the financially lined pockets will have to start anew.

The media and Congress have but one job — keep the status quo.  The question remains have they (the media) convinced enough people to remain stupid or will the masses awake to the boy who cried wolf?











Fairness can be tough for many of us — especially me.  Of all the presidential candidates the one I want to be like is Ben Carson.  I wouldn’t have voted for him but I like him.  I watched several interviews with him where he was asked questions that had me screaming and pounding the table like I do when watching the WALKING DEAD.  Ben calmly replies to the question like he is telling a bed time story.

I admire that ability to not panic.

I have a way to go to reach Ben Carson skills.  I watched Whoopi Goldberg, while pounding the table, talk about political character.  She complained about Cruz and Trump arguing about sex scandals while important world matters took place.

My hands hurt from the table pounding and I calmly sat down and pretended to be Ben Carson.

“Whoopi, I understand your concern.  It can be frustrating the any candidate does not match up to one’s personal judgement.  But do not judge, lest you be judged.”

My inner city voice is screaming, “Listen bitch, who are you to judge?”  But I felt good in my new Ben Carson persona.  It offered a different type of power.  I will call it rationality.

My Ben continues, “Behavior and acceptance of behavior defines the character of the actor and the audience.  For example, to be accused of sexual misconduct, as in the case of Cruz, and to have engaged in sexual misconduct as in Clinton strike at the core of character.”

Whoopi fires back, “That was then, this is now, Ben.”

“Precisely,” I am beginning to like my Ben Carson technique, “the person credited with squashing the sex scandals was Hillary, the same person who demands a woman’s right to fight male oppression.  That person is now.”

A voice in Whoopi’s head says, “Stop digging!”  But the larger left side of the brain screams, “I am Whoopi Goldberg.  Besides the shovel is really big.

She digs, “But Hillary is talking important issues.”

Calmly my Ben voice emulates that slight rise in pitch to show alarm,  “You don’t see the trail of scandals that follow her?  The cover ups of sex scandals, the FBI held at bay over her email lies, the death of four brave men in Bemghazi, the number of deaths and suicides of people around the Clintons.  I think she talks about politics to avoid talking about the carnage in her past..”

Whoopi grabs the shovel yet again, “Hillary has always been for the African American.”

“Hillary is a plantation owner.  She, like the Democrat party, the party that fought 100 per cent against civil rights, has now figured out how to control the masses of African Americans and women voters.  This control of people is called fascism.”

Whoopi grabs a second shovel, “Those statements are so cruel and support the agenda on the right.”  the crowd of women agree with applause.

My cool Ben replies, “You’re right.”  The pause here opens the ears of the listeners.  “Fact, actual behavior and truth can be cruel.”

A silence looms over the audience, Whoopi turns white and I love Ben Carson.


















You remember when the kids were little and you couldn’t find them in the house?  All you had to do was get on the phone.  They came out of the woodwork with a marching band.

My mother once said, “you ever want to find out if someone is a liberal?  Just state a known fact.”

I did not understand, at that time, what she meant.  It was about that time she mentioned the pendulum swinging.

I was the baby boy with much older sisters.  My oldest sister asked my mother why she let me get away with things. My mother said something that didn’t make sense, but now it would be horrifying.  “Because he’s a white male.”

At dinner that night my sister asked my mother to explain.  (my mother truly possessed philosophical understanding) She pulled out a black and white photo with men whose names we know and whose son’s we also know.  “Look at this picture and tell me what you see,” she said.  We could only report a bunch of old men.

“Do you see any blacks?  Any women? Any Asians?”

Of course we did not.  My mother said, “Remember this photo.  They are all white men.  They will always be white men.”

My sisters considered themselves educated feminists and made fun of my mother’s comments.  My mother continued, “Man is a predictable animal.  The white male is the alpha male.”  My sisters cringed with anger.

Those white males will never give up control because they know the pendulum swings.  In order to keep power they must sacrifice the lesser white males.”

Everyone was confused.  “The male must be destroyed.  Take away their jobs, their guns, their soul.  Give these things to the women and control will swing back to the younger men in that picture.”

We all sat quiet.  She went on to explain how the black male became an easy target.  How turning the white women against the white men proved a little more difficult.  But in the end those few white men would remain in control.

Years later she referred to Hillary Clinton as the “plantation owner.”  She said Hillary controlled the blacks like the plantation owners used to.  “She got them to support their own destruction.  She controlled them.  When you do that you are a fascist.”

By this time my sisters and I  grown to defend political positions that I now know are wrong.  They seem correct but I think my mother was right.

We have been betrayed by or own beliefs.


















by how people think.  How I can look at the same thing they look at and come to a different conclusion.  For example, I watch a TV program where the detective says “I don’t believe in coincidences.”  At that point he enters into the domain of philosophy and statistics.

Some detectives say “I don’t believe in coincidence.”  Making it singular.

Before I give my impression, I must confess, I don’t think your vote counts.  In the State of Florida two counties had voting irregularities in the last presidential election.  One county had 147% turn out and another had a 100% vote for one candidate.  Shortly afterwards one of the independent news agencies reported a time delay as the votes collected from an ancillary vote collecting computer made its vote count to a national tabulation.

Too many coincidences.  The election is rigged.  Make no mistake.

UNLESS, you can make the population so dumb they will vote for the candidate that is chosen by the people in control.

I don’t know any of the candidates.  Unfortunately, I only read what the media reports.  The Huffington Post actually stated they were against a candidate and would do what they believed appropriate to prevent his furtherance.  Following the scare headlines and the overt misinterpretation has been a study in poor writing skills  (at least the New Yorker misinterprets with good writing)

I found something better than the news.  I truly dislike having to read between articles of how the Kardashians and Jenners think.  Who reads that tripe?  Apparently they won’t need to have a voter scam this cycle.

Oh yeah,  What is better than the news is, wait for it, I said wait — COINCIDENCES.

I read a piece showing all the suicides and premature accidental deaths surrounding the Clintons.  Working for them is like an episode of HOUSE OF CARDS.

But here is my fascination.  How can one not only defend but support all these coincidences?












… THINGS CHANGED.  I don’t know when but I think I lived in a fog.  I remember great people.  I did not appreciate them but I remember tm.M.

Today someone asked me a simple question.  Who speaks for America?  I wanted to show knowledge, but honesty got in the way.

The following questions ruined my day.  Who is the religious leader in the U.S.?  Who is the voice of the Democrat party?  Who speaks for the Republican part?

Then it got ugly.  What is the number 1 album right now? Who are the Kadashians?  Who are the Jenners?  What are they famous for?

I came home and searched the net.  WE ARE DOOMED.