I have stated that a major drawback to any relationship is having to be right.  This right/wrong issue hinges on irrational thinking, that somehow your belief will change something or someone.

Try telling an addict he has a problem.  Try telling a fat person they need to lose weight.  But don’t use the word fat.  Try it for health reasons and say that what you are eating is causing your unwanted weight gain. The pure overt logic  of your question is completely overlooked.

The well wishing concept is met with an internal dialogue from the other person something as follows:  “What gives you the right to lecture me?”  “What do you know about addiction?”  “I’m offended you think I’m fat?”  The internal irrationality seems endless.

In discussing any topic in any relationship the parties must start with some basic principles.  You must start with something you agree on.  This can become convoluted because if the topic has a hidden agenda you can’t stay on topic.

Let’s pretend you are President Obama and you blame all the problems on President Bush.  Some of the issues may be accurate and true but eight years later it seems a childish action.

With President Trump, one might bring up his misogynist statements or his stance on following the law.  Here is where the relationship or the dialogue ends.  Because although he has shown misogynist behaviors and following the law offends some people, the place where the discussion must begin is what standards did you apply in the past?

Did you call for President Clinton’s recognition with the litany of sexual harassment and assault charges filed against him?  Did you receive the FOIA requests you requested from the attorney general?  Did you receive the emails from Secretary of State Clinton?  How can we have a meaningful discussion if you cannot see the egregious behavior of your side when the other side’s behavior pales in comparison.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle fear you looking into their criminal activity.  I’m not sure why they have this fear because nothing ever comes from their misdeeds.

When justice sends those who committed misdeeds to jail a ripple effect takes place.  The political parties will no longer be a safe harbor for these crooks.  I would like to be wrong and find a Congressperson who has a house commensurate to the salary.  If I am wrong I’ll admit it.