I have frequently stated that both sides of the political isle ARE corrupt.  I believe that all governments, in all countries, are corrupt.  Why do people rob banks?  Because that’s where the money is.

Psychology 101 is all you need.  I saw a movie yesterday where a guy refused to do something because it was illegal and immoral.  He was offered $200,000 to ease that pain..  Positive reinforcement.  My dog loves it as much as my Congressperson.

I can’t find any place to read what is going on.  The Huffington Post ,in my opinion, the worst type of journalism can’t be stomached and they are the news on my AOL account.  I tried others but they are so blatant and see through that I am ashamed to have my undergraduate degree in journalism.  At least the New York Times  writes articulately biased articles and uses false logic cleverly.

I must say everything that I have been told and suspected about liberals and Democrats has been proven accurate.  Much to my dismay.  When President Obama refused to decry the Congressional refusal to attend the smooth and peaceful transition of power, he lost the last chance to put a doubt in my mind that he is the most divisive president in my lifetime.  He summarized his 8 years in that one refusal of common unity.

So here is my solution.    Remember both sides are corrupt.  I would ask President Trump to have a regular Congressional press conference.  Any bill that comes before Congress would require the writers of the bill to stand before the press and answers questions about earmarks, special projects and funds delivered to special interests.

There is a catch.  The five media organizations would be chosen initially by the executive branch.  No NYT, no WP.  Real truth tellers.  Print media that wants to protect the interests of the American Public.  A small newspaper journalist would have so much more to offer.

Timing would be important as the journalist would have to collect information before the bill moved forward.  It would be great to hear REAL questions asked such as “There is a large sum of money going to XYZ and their  construction of this bridge that goes to nowhere seems frivolous.  Is it true that they contributed to your reelection campaign?  Or is it true that your wife is on the board of directors for that construction company?  Does this not violate the rules referring to a conflict of interest?  Will you state for the public record that there has been no money exchanged or influence peddled or trips awarded to any members of your family or friends?

To make this fair you might consider the questioning based on Democrats one day and Republicans the next.


The biggest advantage would be to re establish the integrity of the press.  Let the non beltway papers have a chance at perusing our government.

Secondly, our elected officials who work for us, will be required to defend their suspicious spending.

Thirdly, possibly the most important, the elected official would not be allowed to dodge the press as they so often do.

Fourthly, the press could give a sample of the questions they intend to ask.  If the official has a past indictment or is under investigation or has dodged previous questions related to money management, this would be the forum to let the public see who they elected.