Even people of faith need logic.

I had the occasion to come in contact with a variety of Christian believers this week.  I asked them questions to understand their logic.  They agreed on many things.  One there is nothing in the Old Testament that contradicts the New Testament.

People who interpreted the Bible differently from them just didn’t understand the meaning of God’s word.  And all religions, religious sects, had reinterpreted the Bible to suit their (the sect’s) self interest.


But just because you don’t have a church and read the Bible, doesn’t the mean that you are a sect?

Completely ignored.  I have come to accept this snub as a Biblical “business as usual” response.

I presented some scholarly writings that said the Bible, what scattered pieces of it remain, are stored around the globe.  Originally written in Hebrew then translated to Greek and re translated into English.  There are over 50 English translations.  The most popular translation is the King James Bible where one scholar stated there are over 14,800 questionable translation in that version.

I would think that would cause a reader, any reader, to pause and reflect.  “People can make any claims they want,” said the unsected Bible reader.


Let me try to get my head around this.  The Bible, the Word of God, is incomplete and scattered around the world.  You have never seen the original and even if you did you wouldn’t be able to understand it because it is in a different language.  But somebody or a group of somebodies, translated it into Greek.  And it was then re translated into varying interpretations of English.

Forgive my suspicions but might one expect that God might have known that His word might be destroyed with time let alone that there would be other languages.  And that He might use the actual names of the countries or people that would be there at the end of tome.  Heck, I’ve been through over 20 “end of times” events.  It now sounds like a car sales commercial

“That’s what faith is — the belief in the unbelievable.”

“So I could put my interpretation on the Bible and I could call it my faith?”

“You could, but it wouldn’t be the Words of God”


“You see, the Words must be accepted to be understood.”

So I took this information to the woman I love and repeated this conversation.  I told her these three Bible readers had a different interpretation of Matthew’s passage of being ‘yoked’.

She cannot be involved with a man who does not accept Jesus as she does, according to this scripture.  “But these men said that you have misinterpreted that passage.”

“That would mean that my brothers, family and friends are all wrong.  I don’t think so.”


I pondered this logic system for a long time.  I could not understand, with that logic, why they are not voting for Hillary.  They regretted having voted for Obama.



Damn! I’m the sane one

I  live in Cuenca, Ecuador.  There exists a large expat population.  People expatriate here for a number of stated reasons.  The reasons change the longer they stay here.

When the people come to Ecuador they have a logic system that eventually they cannot sustain.  It starts with “aren’t the people here wonderful.”  For the most part that appears true in Cuenca.  It has a different meaning in Guayaquil and Quito.                                                    The cultural differences aside from the language presents many challenges.  Once average people in the U.S., they find themselves a “niche” of friends and  see the world with restricted lenses.  Their voice has a sound.

That sound gives them a sense of being.   They are isolated in a sea of foreign people within a culture that they can only understand through Expat eyes.

  There are many FaceBook sites in which the expats share information.  First rule, 1,  number one, premero, uno — Expats make shit up.  Rule number 2 — go back to rule 1.

I recently read a post on a gringo site that said  that a guy had gone to 8 different banks and found his debit card no longer worked.  I took immedate action.  In the time I checked only one ATM machine and after much searching for cash I tried my ATM machine that I always used and voila –no problema.

 Then I read more and more MISINFORMATION to my experience.  I had a friend withdraw a large amount of money in what she believed a tax saving maneuver.  It turns out after I investigated, that the maneuver was a ruse to have her feel obligated to waylay funds to cover a scheme by the bank official.  The person who explained this to me has been wrong on many things in the past but that has never stopped her from not only telling me the ‘correct’ information but encouraging me to stop the spread of misinformation.

In the States the level of sophisticated theft and deception is “business as usual”.  Here it is a crap shoot.  The laws work differently.

I watch bright, highly educated, moral people make risky investments based on limited understanding and the promise of an attorney.  I learned that promise and attorney have no business in the same sentence.  The best crooks I know are attorneys.

I recently read a post asking for information.  I read the responses, obviously from people who just wanted to feel helpful.  I went through the scenario described and gave a response very different from the pther responses.  I have learned to keep quiet and only intervene when truly strong MISINFORMATION is given.

My point is simple.  DO NOT rely on the information you read on blog sites.  Read many responses and the disparity will alert you to the need to investigate further.

Find a reliable person/friend who begins their sentence with, “that happened to me…” or ” I know of a person we can contact because that happened to him/her.”

After reading posts from educated, well meaning individuals, I am reminded of my training.  Crazy people don’t advertise.  They tend to find lines of people just waiting to believe. (actually my mother said that right after she cautioned, “Don’t run to your death,  It will find you in due time”)