I watched the Congressional hearing with the FBI Director followed by the Department of State officials.  Most countries would not allow such free and open discourse.  England does.

This proved more exciting than one of those ID documentaries.  Asking direct questions, watching the Director Comey say one thing but come to another conclusion.  Watching the different Congressmen use a different style to expose the truth.  Watching the Democrats dodge the facts by dragging red herrings across the path of truth.

The bottom line to me:  Any reasonable person could take theses pieces of information and tack them to the death of the former UN  General Assembly president John Ashe death(http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-02/un-official-accidentally-crushes-own-throat-right-testifying-against-Hillary-clinton  the Vince Foster death and the list of mysterious deaths of people who could blow the whistle on the Clintons and then elect that person president.  Sounds reasonable.

But that’s not the point of my writing today.  I decided to do some fact checking based on conversations with friends.  I wanted to know the cost of the White House staff under Michele Obama compared to others.  I wanted to know the cost for all the president’s vacations.

What I learned is that no one really knows because the numbers are stored under categories that hide the cost.  It appears that Michele has a staff of 22 at a cost of 1.6 million dollars per year compared to Hilary at 1.2 with a staff of 19  and Laura Bush with a staff of 18 that vacillated to 22 with an unknown cost.

Then I tried to find an article I read on a California lawsuit that showed that after all the California Democrat primsary votes were counted, that Sanders won 51 to 49 percent.  But the article is not to be found.  I did find that there is a law suit claiming voting fraud, the votes have not been fully tabulated but that Hillary still won by a very close margin without all the votes tabulated.

Something is not right.

I heard the reasons, I saw the expressions and I know in my sense of reason that Comey did not believe himself.  I must admit his performance proved exceptional but the truth won out.  Comey’s history will open your eyes.

The problem is simple to me and so is the solution.  On a big news day with two cop shootings, the president stirring up more divide, the Hillary lies under further review, the likelihood of non transparency so many other important stories go unnoticed.  Don’t protest AFTER the event.  Watch your elected officials BEFORE they get in office.

What about the dead American soldiers.  The president sends them to kill others, ruin families and lives, starve people, cause misery but we focus on a single event.  Well we should but very few know the hiring requirements of a local police officer let alone the fear they have on a daily basis.  Start there.  Pay attention.  Don’t elect known liars.

Since the election of Trump the amount of money apent on vacations is astronomical compared to the cited article.  President Trump sent Michele Obama a bill for 9 billion dollars.  Apparently the 100 plus people she hired, the two private jets, the yacht that were bought with tax payer dollars is not allowed.  Placing your mother on the pay roll did not work either.

The government will get the property back and the Obamas will be liable for usage,

Apparently Obama expected Hillary to win and knew she would not expose his federally funded vacations and security staff.  Well Trump won and flushed that scheme down the drain.

What I don’t understand is how we complain of a double standard, witness it, validate it and do nothing which perpetuates it.


























































What is the Message Now?


When I was in college in the sixties I did not pay attention to politics.  The Viet Nam war was in full swing and I didn’t pay attention.  One day a hippie type guy approached me and wanted to sign me up to vote.  He asked me if I wanted to register as a Republican or a Democrat.  I felt foolish asking, “What’s the difference?”

He said, “The Democrats stand for equal rights, the environment and the disadvantaged.  The Republicans are rich.”

I thought about it.  I came to college to learn something that would make a future.  “I want to be a Republican.”  The hippie got upset.  I could have gone the other way except for his tone of judgment.

The interesting aspect of that first meeting replayed itself several times over the years.  I hailed from a very Democrat area.  You could not work in the government or the unions unless you were a Democrat.  Actually you could but you had to stay under the radar.

I found it ironic that the party I avoided professed the very quality that they lacked – inclusion.  The only thing that mattered was empty words and your loyalty.

So I wonder what that college recruiter might say now.  “The Democrats  accept pay for play, treason, deceit, lies, but make you feel morally just in a single agenda they promise to deliver – any agenda will fit their rhetoric.”

“What about the Republicans?”

“They do nothing.  They watch because they are afraid to lose their jobs.”

Unfortunately there is no third choice.



I found 19 unpublished articles.  They were unpublished because they did not have a good title, they needed a fact check or I was not sure at the time that was what I believed.

So I decided to rewrite all the articles.  Two important notes: all the articles were written before the Trump election and I could not figure how to edit the original article.  Hence I added to explain what I am doing.


There is something to be learned from how you once thought or how you can complete a thought.  At the least I will have a writing challenge.