I wrote everyday and posted and yet I still held back.  I am trying to keep pace with the technology and balance the research with the writing.  For example, one morning I opened my email and started going through all the information and then it was past midnight.. I read about Bible prophecies, the end times, Edward Snowden interviews, riots in the U.S., Israeli policies, US policies, Russian policies, the economic meltdown, and I came to several conclusions.

First I have to limit my internet time, excluding all entries that end with the purchase of a book would be a start.  Second, news reporting is a video daily book and I must stop looking at the slanted news.  These two rules would effectively have given me my day back.  But I wouldn’t have anything to write about because people read these things.

So I decided to pick each topic as it comes to my attention and place it under the logical fallacy microscope.  The benefits would be as follows.  I might figure out how to view my comment section better as it seems to come and go.  Secondly I plan to learn how to link some of these articles and videos I see and learn to put in pictures.

I plan another month of posting and learning.  One thing I noticed about my opinions.  When a commenter disagreed I did not challenge the thought process as I did not want to get into a thread of comments that make each of us dig deeper into our positions.  I gladly accepted the opinion or difference of opinion and liked when the opinion had a link or reference to a logical reason or position.

I have a flash to the movie SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION when  the prisoner, Andy Dufresne, tells the warden that he(the warden) is being obtuse.  And of course he was not being obtuse, he was defending his interest.  It all seems to boil down to really simplistic thinking that we have confounded with emotion, and I might add, missing the point.  I hear your opinion, but I want to know how you got there because I see the influence of blind emotion creeping into everything we read and see..

So here begins my second run.  I plan to plod through every gimmick and gadget WordPress has to offer until I know where I am.heading.FaulknerToday I inserted my first picture, albeit poorly spaced.  My dog Faulkner, who will be in all my Photoshop early adventures.  Tomorrow I plan a link.

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER GO!

  1. I can’t speak for others and since I was one of the few who commented on your A to Z posts here’s my intention when I comment: I rarely (if ever) engage in back and forth, explaining and/or defending my positions – I don’t have the time or energy (or desire!). I comment when a post has made me think or amuses me but mostly to support other bloggers (it’s a bleak world throwing posts into cyberspace without any acknowledgement).

    I applaud your honesty and continuing evaluation of where you want your blog to go, or not go. For me it’s been trial and error and at this stage in my life I blog for my own amusement and curiosity about life.

    Tell Faulkner he is very handsome and quite photogenic.

    P.S. I found that a better forum for challenging/clarifying/arguing/defending etc positions is on certain Linkedin groups. Making a polite “reply” back or a “like” on a comment is just a way of saying “Thanks for stopping by”.

    • I’m here and reading but can’t get out of my own way presently. I just finished my 4th book and am aiming to reveal. Had to get off of FB , no TV, even locked myself in the house for days. I belong to three writer’s groups and a reading group otherwise I’d never open my door save take Faulkner out and buy food. Thank you for reading and commenting. Sorry I am such a snob in not responding sooner. MIKE

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