My mother, the philosopher always made reference to living long enough to see the pendulum swing.  She believed that whenever somebody or some entity gains what they consider to be their right, there will come a day that they will have to pay.

She said enslaving a people by any means is wrong.  The dictators (all except Castro, who literally was rewarded) all get their due.  The people storm the castle or a coup, but they often die or take their millions and live comfortably abroad.

As I was growing up my mother would say, “The white man will pay for his great grandparents sins.”  Apparently my mother saw this as a pendulum swinging.  But she added  “the pendulum has not stopped swinging.”  She did not live to see it swing back.

She believed that fairness works both ways.  When the pendulum swung for equality some people set in motion a desire for more than equal.  It is a matter of time before the “black lives matter” group turns into “cops matter” or “if black lives matter why do we blacks allow our own to kill each other” (a bit too long but it’s a work in progress)  Then there will come a right wing religious group that will center their belief around a place called “Bimbo.” A place where all the aborted fetuses await their selfish mothers.

Then there will come a group called, “Be a present father” and things will heat up. Then the true meaning of Obamacare will strike.  Free vaccinations and HIV+ tests and free paternity tests.  (all mandatory)  and then you will see who pays.

A comedian said that McDonald’s was offering the Obama meal.  You order whatever you want and the person behind you pays for it.  They did not foresee that their would be no one left behind.

Then there will come the “no more lying” group and politics will end.  But first dramatic change will have to occur.  As the pendulum swings back the politically correct, those who demanded more than they deserved, the poor who stole to gain equality, the attorneys who took advantage, the CEOs who made bonuses, the bitter police, the groups, the organizations that used a cause to make money will all hide from the “I lost everything group fueled by the I got nothing to lose group.

Go figure


Continuing my thought process.
I spent 31 years as a forensic neuropsychologist. I tested, evaluated and interviewed tens of thousands of patients. They call it a “practice” for a reason. In the end you hopefully come out of the practice with an expertise; possibly knowledge and understanding.
Since I was little I pondered time. I felt if I could not sleep I could use my time to my betterment. I could sleep on a picket fence during a war. I have maybe 5 nights in my life I did not sleep well. So I know that sleep is essential to a healthy being.
Having worked in sleep institutions and researched the topic I have an understanding of how sleep persists in all mammals. It has evolutionary roots. Why would an animal sleep with the fear that a predator roamed nearby. Even sharks sleep.
The point I am trying to make is that people don’t KNOW things and therefore can’t UNDERSTAND them, yet they still APPLY them.
Work with me here as I attempt to explain and unfold my thought process through a series of blogs. Your input may be helpful.
I will state that my theory hinges on something that has haunted me since little but more on that later as it unfolds.


One of my minor’s was Psychology. Another was Philosophy. As it turns out Philosophy is the mother of psychology, The father is Wilhelm Wundt, How these two got together to produce Psychology might help clarify some of the problems of psychology.
When I left the U, my professional baseball career took over. Baseball, at the professional level, is a cruel business. You perform or you leave. The fun game I grew to love revealed itself as a cold hearted business that all professional sports share.
But that perform or leave knowledge made me a better person. I came to KNOW that the real world does not work on “do or go home” skills but tends to be dependent on other factors. People with limited skills, with unjust goals prey upon those who do not KNOW and certainly do not UNDERSTAND but can APPLY a psychological pressure that will get what they want with the long term goal having a Political Science ending.


Miami offered an exposure to many different cultures and beliefs. I cannot tell which was better 4 years at Lane Tech or four years at the U. The KNOWLEDGE poured in. The UNDERSTANDING came through making mistakes, taking chances and failing. The APPLICATION developed slowly but with that solid mother and father guidance. They had no idea what the world would become but they laid out a loving foundation upon which to build.
I took my inner city urchin and explored. I even learned how to intermingle with various groups, not only ethnic but the layers of educated, the layers of famous and the layers of wealth. I learned to change and adapt to the people around me. Because of my height, blonde hair and blue eyes I had to learn to blend in. I used these attributes to open doors.
I figured out a course outline to give me four minors in addition to my major in Mass Communication-Journalism. In a Political Science class the first time professor was a young man filled with idealism. He had all the students draw a country out of a hat. Each country had a list of resources and trade abilities. Each country had different levels of armies and weapons.
The countries met in class in UN meetings. This class came about before the Zimbardo experiment at Stanford only the result of this class was not expected but the Zimbardo results explained it.
The nuclear countries took a leadership role at the UN table. It took but a few weeks before nuclear war ended not only the world but the design of our political science class. The professor looked horrified at the result. As I reflect I came to understand that the basic rules of psychology must always be a part of UNDERSTANDING but it was not even part of KNOWLEDGE.


Well sort of.

When I was a senior in high school I met a girl by accident that I knew would be my wife.  I thought I was really cool and smart.  She came to a baseball game I was playing in.  Between games I saw she was reading Camus.  To impress her I made a comment about Camus.  She laughed and said that Camus did not espouse that.

Determined to prove her wrong and me smart I gathered her book to look for my belief.  “Hey, this book is in French,” I said.

“Most French writers write in French,”  she said in all seriousness.  I was humbled.  When I learned she got a perfect score on the SAT I thought “What does she see in me?”    I was determined to be as smart as she.

When I went to the University of Miami (the benchmark of world thought, on a baseball scholarship no less) I went through the course guidelines to graduate.  I read that book everyday.  My roommates teased me about my fascination with that booklet.  But they all asked me questions about what they had to do to graduate on time.

I graduated with a major in Mass Communications and four minors, psychology, English, philosophy and political science.  Sunshine U as it was known back then (now it’s the Stanford of the South) gave me a great education.

I took philosophy classes from the department head.  He made philosophy come to life.  He said, “In your lifetime you will come across many people who will have a philosophy of life and most will not know the efforts of the great thinkers.  I will go a step further and guarantee that none, nada, zip will be politicians.”

My past time centers around reading philosophy works.  The WWW makes this possible and easy.  I could go into video games with philosophical undertones and tell you why we don’t teach this in school , but it would fall upon deaf ears and bad feet.

Today is Spinoza’s birthday.  Of all the philosopher’s he is the one I align with.  Seeing as philosophy is the mother of psychology and me being a psychologist connects the dots.


I was raised Catholic and I find it wise to say that in a Catholic country.  But I don’t practice the religion.  I am a registered Republican so I can vote in Florida primaries.  I don’t practice the party.

But the label of Catholic and the label of Republican has given me an insight that keeps me on the rails.  If Democrats felt toward Muslims the same way they feel toward Republicans they’d all be on the same page.

I have a belief, an understanding, of the world.  I don’t espouse to the religions that stem from the Bible.  Just the knowledge that there is no agreement, as proven by the many interpretations, might suggest a problem.  But I accept your right under the US Constitution to have your beliefs provided they don’t violate human rights.  In fact, I admire people of true faith (not the radicals).  I wish I could believe as they do because everything is delusionally okay.  They BELIEVE, honestly believe, and I admire that.  I admire more their acceptance of my continued search for understanding.

Here Spinoza enters my life.

He connected God and Physics in a way that is unfolding in our lifetime.  I nod my head to Baruch.  So many great thinkers and he was one of the humblest. Some of those guys were arrogant.  I guess understanding God, man and the universe (without need  of a telescope) can lead to arrogance.

The world is mine because I understand it.  I know what God is.  I know my role in the universe.  I understand and appreciate my limited time of consciousness.  I admire people who search but frown upon the unlit corners they search in.

I appreciate our view of individualism.  However if you look on FaceBook the posts center around anti-individualism expressed by individuals who don’t ‘get it.’

Remember what you were thinking before you were born?  After you die those same thoughts will return.

I have a friend who knows what he was thinking before his birth.  Unfortunately it is the same thinking after his birth (go figure)