I have done some bone head things in my life.  Things that cost me, things that can only be told in embarrassing disclosure  and things that haunt me.

The one saving thing about these faux pauxs is I usually did them when I could afford the negative consequence of the event.   And I pushed the envelope.  I tried and failed, but I learned something in the epic failure.  I have a history of “Why nots?”

But now I look back at my failed “why nots?” and think “what if?”  There are a series of things that if they had turned out differently, would not have me sitting here writing this post.

Since I don’t hold onto fate I realize I either picked-up and moved on or somehow I integrated the event into my personality.

Some people have a major event or a series of repetitive events that is now a “chip on their shoulder.”

I think of events that people have to live with such as Bill Buckner’s ground ball.  I heard him say that it really doesn’t effect him.  I think he’s lying.  I have little league errors that make me cringe.  Granted they did not change my life’s direction.

So in the tradition of March Madness, I am going to list the top 64 life events that I think may have changed me.  I have to be selective because major events surely have merit but it might be a simple event that proves a turning point.  When I get to the Final Four I might disclose them.  But then that disclosure might become my Turning Point.


  1. Very thought provoking. When I examine my life I know that my turning points have informed ALL my future choices even when I was unaware they were turning points. The only ones I have regrets about are those I’ve not learned from.

    From the perspective of both my Baha’i faith and my 30 years as a psychotherapist I do believe that this life is not suppose to be easy – it’s about learning.

    We (I) grow and change through pain not pleasure.

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