OOPS, got the P before the O – ON HOW A CULTURE THINKS


I follow a blog of a well known blogger.  He claims to thoroughly investigate current issues.  But after my researching logical fallacies, I noticed that he firmly employs many of them.  His most recent is to paint with a broad brush vilifying a money hungry big business and linking the GMO debate, which he writes much about, to a wide variety of health issues.  It is saying that if you understand that GMOs cause cancer then look at this illness.

It strikes me as strange that I read so many complaints from so many people on so many health related issues, yet the link between these big corporations and government keeps turning up the same elected officials.  Maybe that is not so strange.  Maybe that’s the way a culture thinks.  To blame but take no action where it will really can make a change.

President Obama ran on “hope and change.”  In my opinion he has been the worst offender of increasing the wealth of the one percenters.   Oh you want examples.  What about the CEO of GE, Jeff Immelt, appointed to lead  President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness  .   What taxes did GE pay in recent years?  Did they send jobs overseas? What about a health care bill that has nada/zilch/zippo/zero,nyet controls on health care spending ?  I could run pages of these examples but it would lead to refutation with logical fallacies.

The bottom line – break the long time connections from government to business.  I would strongly start at the local government level and then go for the federal government.  In fact vote every incumbent out of office.  They spend more money advertising for reelection than they make.  Ask yourself how that is?  At the very least you would be voting a new person to be corrupted.  Look at it like sharing the wealth.

4 thoughts on “OOPS, got the P before the O – ON HOW A CULTURE THINKS

  1. Oh my, Oh my. Don’t vote EVERY incumbent out of office – it would be like putting governance in the hands of people who have had been splashing around in beach water and plunk them into the middle of an ocean in a dinghy.

    Monetary greed is what needs to be thrown to the sharks, starting with Wall street, those who “play” the market and the mentality, corporate and INDIVIDUAL, that more is never enough.

    (having said all that . . . your last line- as always – “Look at it like sharing the wealth” is quite wonderful, funny and spot-on.)

    • I have tossed this idea around but never can get my head around it. The local government where I lived in Florida is corrupt at levels one cannot imagine. The payoffs, the bribes, the favors, the entitlements. I do not know if it has always been that way or if my age and position just now see it. So I land up living in a country where the people don’t care, can’t write, don’t have a computer and the government chews them up. (I have to be cautious because they do censor your speech here )
      So you have a governing body that does one of two things FIRSTLY, (hah) they are giving themselves market advantages Secondly, they are grid locked on most issues. What is the down side of starting over. I have articles that I start over after I realize it is not heading in the direction I wish.
      You mention the beach splashers. Sometimes you gotta believe the water gets uncomfortable even for them. What would you call a sheeple that swims?

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