My wife and I had a great relationship.  We saw things, events and people from a similar perspective.  It is good for couples and friends to be similar in thought.

We often joked about how naïve and trusting we have been.  That held true until we labeled people with the X –factor.

The X-factor simply was our openly stating that a person possessed the X-factor. This is the common ability to fill in a hole in their thinking by just making something up; hyperbolizing, using numbers or names of famous stupid people or emotions to push their point across.

It takes two to tango.  We decided that from that day forward we would validate every statement made to us.  Up to that point we just accepted our friend’s statements as fact.  Our friends were educated, established members of the community and good speakers.  Many held political office.

I live in a foreign country were the expat community is smaller than my high school.  There is little challenge about facts for several reasons.  First, no one cares, secondly they are preaching to the choir.

I log in to the local FaceBook page which is graffiti for the elderly and see post after post of pithy sayings, cute phrases and the cats!!!  The posts are okay but the comments challenge sanity.  It is little wonder the future generations , their offspring, will suffer.

For example a large contingent of posts railed against the aluminum in vaccines.  (some still say they use mercury)  When I asked how much aluminum is in the highly sought after Himalayan pink salt, they thought I was joking.  They take in more aluminum in their sodium intake. But that’s apparently different.

Must be because they have the X-factor.

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