When you age you delegate naturally

I noticed that people retired here in Cuenca, Ecuador lead a relaxed life.  I am contrasting this relaxed life with a pace that is accelerated in the states.  For example, most North Americans here don’t have a car, in fact, you don’t need one.  The point being there is no demand for car insurance, gasoline, parking, garage and maintenance.  I see these luxuries in the U.S. as stresses.  We do not have these stresses.

We have a new stress.  The stress of not doing.  I believe anyone retired anywhere has this stress.  Lucky for some there are many things to do.  I see many gringos take on volunteer hobbies and activities. (this is an issue that must be dealt with in a future blog).  I hear of many marriages coming to an end either as a result of face to face after retirement in a strange culture or I don’t want to live here even if you do or I don’t like facing real life so let me go home and influence the kids.  There are more reasons but these top the list.

My point is that each age group has a different focus.  When not retired you focus on work.  When retired with money you focus on travel.  When retired without money you focus on survival.  When married your focus is different than single.  Regardless, the backdrop is a different culture.  Heating and A/C are an issue for some while a pleasure not to deal with for others.  Health concerns are an issue for all and magnified when exposed.  Language tends to be the major problem.

But in these differences, the North Americans tend to band together to offer support and comfort.  Some are pure entertainment as childish thinking and behavior always is.  I would like to share my experiences in each of the aforementioned topics.  However it would be from a single retired psychologist with a fixed income.  Those who are married with money will not see it this way.  My sister in Florida cannot understand why I just don’t buy a new one.  I learned to plan my meals and not pick up tabs anymore.

In all this change is ME.  I see how I react, I have no one but myself to discuss these issues and I am ALWAYS amazed at the response from others.  Ah but I learn.

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