As I maneuver through the internet looking for information I am frequently pulled toward a comment, a picture, a post.  I go to investigate and find myself on a page that I can’t easily get off.  I press a big arrow and find myself immersed in an ad.  I take a breath and look more carefully and select the button that will get me off this page and go to a page that looks threatening and really wants to know if I want to leave this page.  Why would I want to leave a page of ads I was tricked into viewing in the first place?

Well that’s one way things happen.  I worked in advertising and copy writing and know that ethics are merely suggestions.  I often think of a group of people sitting around trying to figure out how to make money FAST and without having to really earn it.  So one guy says we have to find something that nobody wants, is virtually free to us and then make it the next CURE ALL on the market.

“Apricot seeds!”  shouts one of the entrepreneurs.  We convince people that it cures cancer.

“But we don’t know that,” says a young man who will soon be cut out of the funding process.

“We’ll make up the study and find studies that suggest these results.  Alternative medicine and Shamanistic stuff can easily be exploited right now,” he adds.

So with a few computer designs, much copy writing and a credit card reception – a business is born.  It works off the theory that people will hear and believe what they want to and that ONE thing is all you need.  No need to change your lifestyle, to exercise or change your thinking.  Not for the $700 value not even the $299 additional program we will throw in, but simply for a fully refundable $59.99 you can receive  these ground up seeds we got paid to remove because they are poisonous this life saving, cancer curing offer that we took great diligence in preparing for your needs.

And so it goes, a culture of purchasers and the wolves that answer the bleats of the sheep.

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