When I was a paramedic, I thought it nice that people had the comfort of a religion or a belief.  Being raised Catholic (in recovery) I sometimes thought that according to the rules of the church, that a recently departed had a snowballs chance in hell of getting to heaven.  But it still seemed nice they believed that there was something better ahead.

I couldn’t understand why people got upset if they believed that the person who passed was moving on to a better place.  That’s when I realized they truly did not have this belief.  These were not tears of joy but rather tears of fear that this end awaits them.

My point is not about religion or belief.  That is a much longer blog series.  My point is pretending to have a belief or a faith but not showing the commitment necessary.  In fact, I see one faith that actually does what it says.  The radical Muslims do what their book says.  They are vilified for doing as they say.

While the religion of politics is rewarded with money and power for NOT doing what they say.  Go figure.

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