This quote from George Orwell unfolds before us.

I just watched Bernie Sanders get muscled off the podium by ywo girls from “Black Lives Matter.”  I like Bernie.  He tells us all the problems in a great way but he never gives a solution.  If he did I fear he’d back awat as he did from the force of the two girls.

Hillary Clinton has lied so much she makes Obama look like a truth sayer. Lying does not cost you an election as we have seen.  In fact, the fun in reading the news is the media spin on the truth.

Political correctness may have run its course and the pendulum might be swinging back.  The Donald does not say things that are politically correct but he is revolutionary in his words of truth.  He says what we are thinking.  There are some great lines ahead.

I used to be a Megyn Kelly fan.  Somehow I see as part of the system now.  She would have denigrated looking into someone’s past and cherry picking a statement about Rosie O’Donnell.  Hell, I’ve said that about O’Donnell and worse  The only other person who could change Washington is Ann Coulter but she’s not running.

We really could have Hope and Change.  But like Huxley said, you won’t like the truth.

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