I am  apolitical. I have opinions but I don’t express them because these thoughts of mine get twisted in the ears of those who pretend to listen.  The U.S. government has no, nada, zip, zilch integrity.  When the U.S. administration tells the truth the media bends it to fit their agenda.

Both parties lie.  Both parties are corrupt and play a game to give the impression that they are for something.  They are for getting reelected and the perks that go with the job.  So I have as much security in a socialist country as I have in a lying socialist country.

Suddenly an arrogant, egotistical, unscripted non-poltician enters the race.  I am fascinated by how he was created by the liberals and feared by the conservatives.  Created by the liberals because their constant lies make his truthfulness refreshing.  Feared by the conservatives because he threatens their gravy train.  He has the ability to either end that party or put it back on course.

I realize I am a member of the “silent majority.”  I have raised my head and taken notice as even the press can’t knock this candidate down because he, GET THIS, admits to all his faults.

I left FaceBook when a person showed a picture of President Bush and described him as despicable.  That wasn’t what got me.  That person said instead of this we (Dens) had this.  Two pictures, one of Clinton and the other of Obama.  One impeached on two of eleven accounts and a liar, the other just a liar.   The picture honestly depicted these two presidents as honorable.

If I had to identify with a party I would feel bad to say I was a Republican.  But I would feel ashamed to say I was  a Democrat.  Look at the debt, look at the impending fall out from the ACA.  Plenty has been done in six years – none of it good.  Four scandals of major import are covered up and the Dems leading candidate is buried deep in two of them.  Don’t even try to defend this.  Just hang your head in shame or raise it proudly in stupidity.

But marvel at what is taking form.

If the Republicans oust Trump (and they have to in order to continue the scam) then the White House will stay Democrat.  He will split the vote as in ’95 when Perot took the votes from the shoe in Dole and gave the little known philanderer and liar, Clinton, the votes.

You have to see the irony, the same thing can happen again.  My grandchildren will get this blog and long after I am gone they will say, “Grandpa was right.”

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