This group of writers was hand picked.  Not because we write well(or is that good) but because we are highly disturbed.  All of us are professionals and  sorry to say we live in an area where our thinking is not appreciated (they made me change the previous sentence, it was a scathing put down )

Our editor -in-chief practiced neuropsychology for 31 years.  But he taught research design at a major university and combines his understanding of journalism with research and commo9n sense and explains the news we read.  I have to admit that these sessions are thought provoking.

My writing assignment is sort of like an advice column only it is what a therapist is really thinking when the patient is talking.  The practice for this writing lowered my blood pressure (laughter lowers one’s blood pressure))  The practice session seemed more like IMPROV than writing.

We have a few guidelines we follow in this group.  I am a rehabilitation psychologist.  I want to thank my colleagues for allowing my mind to revitalize and grow in their presence.



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