BY Kimberly Kross
I browse the web for information daily. I avoid certain websites and certain FaceBook posters. I occasionally check to see if their message has changed. It hasn’t. Like Sisyphus they roll up the same hill every day. No growth, no acceptance, no change.
I do not possess the answers. I do not access a special deity. I do not hold to a certain political party. I look at facts, not truths, but facts. Then I read the vitriol on FaceBook and on the web and in the media. It no longer presents a shame as it now takes the form as “business as usual.” That is a psychological tool that has changed American thinking.
I came across a blurb that said that gun violence had decreased significantly in the U.S.  I assumed the article to be a ruse. Sort of what the Huffington Post does with a scare headline that turns out to not be a scare at all. Then I remembered a graph showing the gun crimes PER CAPITA in the U.S. as being ranked 114th in the world.
Sometimes, it is not what you read as when you read it or what you are doing when you read it. A friend stated that she had much regret in having voted twice for President Obama. A FaceBook friend posted all the great things the President has done citing a myriad of statistics to support his claims. Two good friends with two divergent viewpoints.
As I looked up “theories on gun violence in the US” the lead article said, “Theories on recent drop in gun violence in the U.S.”
How could this be?  I wanted to write a nonfiction piece on possible reasons for increased gun violence and the facts cannot support my article. Maybe you get these results if you count the number of incidents alone or discount the gang shootings in the tough gun law cities? No it included those. But the violence exploded into an “I can break that record with these weapons.” We have game shows that promote this, why not reality?
So I typed in “Theories on mass shootings.” Without going into the worldwide mass shootings, just staying in the U.S., the theories revolve around the media’s presentation of these events.
If I could be SO WRONG about gun violence based on media agenda and presentation, what else have I been tricked into believing?
Normally, a summary and a scolding would close these points. But research shows it only affects those with open minds.

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