What is the Message Now?


When I was in college in the sixties I did not pay attention to politics.  The Viet Nam war was in full swing and I didn’t pay attention.  One day a hippie type guy approached me and wanted to sign me up to vote.  He asked me if I wanted to register as a Republican or a Democrat.  I felt foolish asking, “What’s the difference?”

He said, “The Democrats stand for equal rights, the environment and the disadvantaged.  The Republicans are rich.”

I thought about it.  I came to college to learn something that would make a future.  “I want to be a Republican.”  The hippie got upset.  I could have gone the other way except for his tone of judgment.

The interesting aspect of that first meeting replayed itself several times over the years.  I hailed from a very Democrat area.  You could not work in the government or the unions unless you were a Democrat.  Actually you could but you had to stay under the radar.

I found it ironic that the party I avoided professed the very quality that they lacked – inclusion.  The only thing that mattered was empty words and your loyalty.

So I wonder what that college recruiter might say now.  “The Democrats  accept pay for play, treason, deceit, lies, but make you feel morally just in a single agenda they promise to deliver – any agenda will fit their rhetoric.”

“What about the Republicans?”

“They do nothing.  They watch because they are afraid to lose their jobs.”

Unfortunately there is no third choice.


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