ABBA is not a musical group to me as much as a philosophy. In deciding what I wanted to write about for 26 days in the A-Z blogging challenge I turned to ABBA for guidance.  I realized I can’t know you because I don’t know me.

I live in a city and country, Cuenca, Ecuador which I believe is the return landing site for alien abductions.  What’s interesting is most of the returnees speak English and call themselves expats (Extraordinary People At Their Stupidest).

It’s true I do check my body for homing devices once a day.  But I noticed that I do not do so in the morning, the usual time for suspected alien involvement, but rather in the night after my encounters with the Expats.  Somebody has to be checking my sanity as I attempt to absorb the various spiritual beliefs, the political interpretations,  economic absurdities and social misconceptions while holding on to a science education. Heck, I’m still reeling from the virgin birth and here I have energy fields, bright lights, shaman rituals, satanic practices, near death experiences and angry judgmental people telling me not to be judgmental.  Luckily, any of these methods to salvation can be attained for a nominal fee.

I truly enjoy the intelligent people who believe there are two political parties.  They slam each other as they are actively manipulated to do so.  They call each other names, make money selling their ideas on TV or in books, they have a cottage industry of opposition.  There is only one party –  the Money Party or the Ruling Party.  Either way you are allowed to believe what you want to believe as long as you pay your tithes or taxes.

A disclaimer here.  After 31 years of interviewing murderers, rapists and various criminals as a forensic neuropsychologist, I certainly see things from a perspective not many have.  I begin by clarifying that humans will be heavily influenced by their early upbringing.  I had fantastic, loving, old-school parents.  I came from an intact family yet I feel I must defend this because I was not abused, did not need rehab, went to church and held beliefs.  It’s these early beliefs I find as ground zero for my personality.

My parents were registered Democrats in Chicago.  My dad use to say you were registered at birth and one of the advantages was that on election day your ballot was already filled out.  If you chose to fill it out yourself they called you a conservative Democrat.

Now, at age 64, if you asked my opinion on a subject I would give you my thoughts and I would not necessarily know why I held that opinion.  I now realize how much the news media has influenced my thinking.  I read a lot with a critical eye.  I see the rhetoric, the clever manner in which the truth is withheld or slanted.  The cleverness of this rhetoric is that the truth appears absurd to a mind given a steady diet of GMO’s (Grand Mixed-up Opinions).

So, I decided to wipe the slate clean and find out why I believe what I believe.  I will use logic, even resorting to Plato’s dialectics.  I may even change my thinking but rest assured I will know why I stand where I stand.  I make no excuses for my thinking and the resultant views.  Some of my beliefs may actually be held in abeyance because I can’t find a steady footing.

I invite you to comment on the blog.  Your thoughts or views will be considered.  I will use the aforementioned dialectics in weighing your comments.  Remember you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

As ABBA said, “one of us is lying, one of us is dying.”  Don’t be both.


  1. 1. Found you thru the A-Z thingey.
    2. Took me 10 minutes to find the comment box on your blog (maybe you want to check out why it’s not showing up when the link to your A-Z post is accessed?)
    3. I find your writing to be clear, interesting and your experiences and ideas worthwhile enough for me to subscribe.
    4. Neuropsychology fascinates me as does anything “better than therapy”.

  2. I visited Ecuador a few years back, but we never made it to Cuenca. My wife is Ecuadorian so it was cool to go with her, but she says that she’s not particularly interested in ever going back. If I didn’t have my family here in the U.S. I might not mind retiring to Ecuador.

    I don’t know everything I believe, but I don’t believe everything I hear in the media, from politicians, or from anybody who acts like they know everything.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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