My deceased wife was the smartest woman on the planet. Besides marrying me she earned a perfect score on the SAT. Her view on abortion was simple. She said it didn’t matter what she believed, abortion has been and always will be here.

I never gave abortion much thought. My wife had lupus and could not have children. We adopted three great kids. One was 11 years old and he said he was against abortion because he believed he wouldn’t be here if abortion was accepted from the state of his adoption.
I decided to make a decision on abortion. No matter my opinion, nothing about abortion will change. I will not preach to anyone on what decision they might choose but I, if asked, I will have an opinion.
The most frequent response to my question, “What is your opinion on abortion?” was “It’s a woman’s choice.”
When I said that was not an answer to my question, people tended to get a bit testy. (Maybe the way I spoke) I found that the issues of women’s rights and abortion had been merged. It became difficult to separate the issues. But I persisted and pressed the question.
I must have given the impression that I was judging because people responded in angry defensive tones. They answered the question by defending their beliefs against what other people believed. For example, if they were liberal they were for abortion, if they were conservative they were against abortion (but not always-another blog). And with that label they vented anger at the other side more than give a thoughtful response to a simple question. In fact, nearly everyone said it was a loaded question.
I had exceptions thrown at me as a reason to be for abortion. This meant that if there was one exception then it could never be fair. I did not recall asking the fairness of abortion or any exceptions, but I plodded on.
It boiled down to deciding when the fetus became human. I came to understand that an unwanted pregnancy, no matter the reason, could be aborted because it was not human. It was simply a legal definition, not a moral one. To avoid a murder charge, abortion hinged upon the fetus not being human.
That argument made legal sense to me but I asked if a fetus in the womb ever was known to develop into anything other than a human and edgy became angry. This led to discussions about eggs and chickens.
The foreign country I live in has no law against killing an animal. So if I was driving down the street and I saw Gary and his dog, and I truly disliked Gary, I would go to jail if my car struck him. But since his dog is not human I would not be legally culpable if my car struck the dog. I might get negligent driving or something similar but my point is clear. I would not consider killing a dog on moral grounds, not legal definitions.
I heard a comedian say that there is a place called Bimbo where all the aborted children are awaiting their mothers. No men involved there, so I’m clear.
But I know that excluding special circumstances such as rape or incest, that I am against abortion. In terms of unintended pregnancies which are about 46 percent, the percentage of rape and incest is relatively low. The Guttmacher institute tabulates this information state by state, I do not know world wide statistics.
I further understand our culture and its right to make changes in definitions to justify a behavior. There are many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies that would not make abortion an issue but as my wife used to say, “it’s not going to change.”


  1. A touchy subject, indeed. Your wife’s stance hits home…whenever I talk about it with others, I usually say that it doesn’t matter what I think and that I’m more interested on what can be done from both “sides” (since everything has to be in terms of conservatism and liberalism) to decrease the frequency of abortions. Education, birth control, etc.

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