You all know the cases of a preacher railing against the evils of unmarried sex only he is discovered to be having just such an experience.  In the field of psychology this is called reaction formation.  But to the populace this is hypocrisy.

I am fascinated by the thinking of the people in the rise of the Nazi’s.  Hundreds of thousands of Jews fled the country in advance of what was to come.  Some had no resources to leave yet some stayed and even voted for that party.  It is this thought process that fascinates me.

I am interested in that thinking process because I suspect it is occurring again.  I have turned this over in my head so often.  I know others see it as well.  But those who see this thought process are marginalized as fanatics, indeed some are but even crazy people get out of the way of a speeding car.

I am currently stuck in the thought process that there are people who believe two things at the core.  1. The government seeks what is best for all its citizens  2. Evil does not exist.

Let me clarify the second.  They either believe that evil is just an extension of good and can be won over or that if you acknowledge evil it comes to bear.  Either way history shows the dastardly levels of evil exist and to ignore such is foolhardy at best.

As I type on the plastic keyboard that is encased in a plastic frame with a myriad of plastic components, let alone metal components that are harmful, I think of the people who attack the oil industry.  These things are all made from oil, metals and various chemical combinations.  I know that many of the naysayers of oil will not give up their car interiors, their TVs, their phones but they will mount an attack against the industries that produce them.

Don’t get me wrong, the industries can be evil in their own way.  But how can these industries be evil yet government and fanatical groups can’t?  Isn’t that hypocrisy?  Or is the thinking that just this one item that I use isn’t asking so much?

I see people disparage one of the two political parties and I stand in amazement.  Can’t they see there is ONLY ONE party.  Each faction wants to control the rights to the money.  And somehow people think that when they elect a representative (funny word when you look at it) that this person will be better than another.

Some candidates spend millions to get a job that pays $170,000.  Just stare at those numbers and ask, “Is this good fiscal judgment?  or “Is there something bigger here?”  It won’t change until we elect someone that doesn’t have the money.  Then they can be bribed unless you elect enough of the poor to have a more representative government.  But then you run the risk of having a government run by Pollyanna’s.  Be careful what you wish for.

The end result for me is that I see hypocrisy in the best of causes.  And I don’t know how to deal with it.

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