GRAFFITI – communication from the disenfranchised


I asked my friend at breakfast “why do people do graffiti?”

His response sounded good enough that I did not want to research it – just accept it.  He said, “It’s a form of power, a way to express yourself when no one will listen.  Also there is a thrill of getting caught.”

I noticed that graffiti in Cuenca Ecuador tended to be removed quickly.  The writings were aimed at the government.

I was told that every graffiti expressionist could be identified, usually because of the way they drew or the misspellings in their statements.  Trying to decipher a foreign language that violates common grammar rules slowed up my Spanish learning.

It dawned on me that FaceBook is the modern day graffiti.  I click on and see the more socially accepted way of showing power.  The expression is cleaner, less artistic and you put your name and picture on the comments.

There are many forms of expression from really nice pictures to hateful comments about politics.  The bottom line to me is that they are forms of power.  It is like they are saying, “See I am involved.” They sit at the computer and communicate without doing anything about the issue they express.  Like the disenfranchised street graffiti expressionist, they don’t have the kind of energy needed to do something.  But they can comment.

I follow my daughter on FB. I feel bad that she has to share her feelings in this format as opposed to having a friend to share with, in a face to face.  I also noticed that the younger crowd avoids the older crowd on FB.  All these communication tools and we don’t communicate, possibly because we believe our power of expression will rule the day.

Here’s the kicker.  I have a street wise rescue dog.  He is cunning and quick.  I looked on my computer and the screen revealed these words “Gruffiti is communication from the disenfranchised.”

You don’t think that…  nah?

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