I have learned much about myself and the way people think.  I start researching a topic in the morning and next thing I know it is time for bed.  I found things about things I didn’t know existed.

I have held back my GMO and vaccination discussion because I found a well educated researcher who has a very compelling argument which I tend to agree with.  I got stuck on her using a logical fallacy in her explanation.  (Heck, I did three blogs on logical fallacies I may as well use them.)  It doesn’t mean she’s wrong but I get suspicious when the researchers use the same arguments as the alleged perpetrators.

As I am reviewing my research, the argument that keeps crossing my path is “this can be changed at the ballot box.” The people in the U.S. have found a problem and for some reason will not solve it.  The way people think is the interesting component of all my blogs.  The train in the tunnel is heading straight at you and you see it, identify it and DO NOTHING.

Ah, there my friends, lies the problem.

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