TI learned that the truth and fact are not the same.  For example, A kills B.  Yet we go to court to try A for this crime and we discover that A’s crime occurred at the behest of another person’s intent.

Truth is what we believe and fact is what actually took place.  So your truth can be different than my truth.  You saw A pull a weapon and I saw A take out a Snicker’s bar.  Neither of us is lying, we are both telling the truth as we perceived it.  We both take polygraphs and pass.  However B fell over dead and it seems unlikely her died by a Snicker’s bar.

So how do we get to what really happened?  We collect and analyze information that we know to be factual.  We change the word weapon and Snicker’s bar to “something was pulled out of the pocket”.   If there is a chocolate stain on the person we tend to accept the truth of the Snicker person, if there is a knife wound our belief shifts and so on.

I do not know the facts about GMOs because no one presents them.  They tell me their truths.   Granted they are emotional and interesting but not supported by facts.

So I search for facts and find all the avenues to facts blocked.  Let’s start with a simple fact.  The labeling of GMO s in the food we eat is blocked.  Simple enough, we follow the money to see how something so simple can be prevented.  So at the very least I am suspicious of the government representatives let alone the advertising dollars and campaign contributions.

Then I turn to the scientists and hear more truths but few facts.  Most important is the lack of research that will put an end to this debate.  In the search I find conspiracy theories, pay offs, schemes and incompetence, but no facts.  Conspiracy theorists have one thing in common, they can’t connect the facts to support their theory, but it sells media.

In 1947 there was a report that cigarette smoking proved a health hazard.  The battle over those findings took over 30 years to uncover what study after study revealed.  Again follow the money and you find tobacco states and lobbyists and doctors and representatives denying the obvious.  In fact, hiding or blocking the facts from the light of day.

There is only one fact that haunts me.  It comes from a researcher who is profiting from the information and using the same logical fallacy as the GMO companies;  the rise in certain illnesses coinciding with the rise in GMO use.  As important as those number of illness are to me, I need to see the numbers on the GMO side.  For example, how much GMO food was available back then and consumed.  But those numbers are not available.  Yet the researcher stretches one known statistic to coincide with another.

Seems like somebody is hiding something, but that does not prove the researchers claim.  It does stop one from looking for added proof.

GMO, seed banks, world domination are bandied about and there is only one thing I can do.  Write about it and vote.

My writing is unemotional and I do not want to claim that all illnesses are the result of GMOs, just can’t get the facts to back up the truth.

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