I DON’T KNOW!  I have so much information and it is contradictory and emotional.

The science articles have a preponderance of information giving studies of successful vaccinations, myself included in those numbers.  The opposers say the scientists have been bought.

There is one researcher who claims vaccinations coincide with the numbered increases in autism.  She also puts GMOs on the list of harmful ingestibles that are correlated with autism. My question is simple, “Is it GMO s or vaccines?”

Occam’s razor plays a significant part in my hesitancy on this issue..  If you have a choice between a simple explanation or a complex explanation, choose the simple one.

When I asked people about their thoughts on vaccines the responses centered around complexity.  For example, when I asked for explanations I received information about chem. trails, cloud seeding, bank fraud and FEMA camps.  They needed these alternatives to support their feelings. (I chose the word feeling because I have come to the conclusion that being wrong is a feeling.)

The other frequent response I get is the vaccines have aluminum and mercury in them.   Mercury left the vaccines in 2002 but the replacement stabilizer can be considered worse – aluminum.  “You know aluminum causes Alzheimer’s” I heard this several times.  One person who told me that also sent me an article about a guy who ate a Cessna.  If he  gest autism or Alzheimer’s this will sway my opinion.

I read an article by a science reporter who wrote a parody on the use of vaccines.  I use the parody in my class on logical fallacies.

Brass Tax time.  If my grandchild was faced with my son having to make the call I’d say “no, don’t do it.”  My son never listens and would do the opposite just to show me.

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