My mother had a way of connecting wise sayings that made the world make sense.  When I was little my mother was asked by a man on the street interviewer where she would hide a national secret.  Without hesitating she said, “I’d tell the school board.” At the time that statement made no sense.  If you ever dealt with a school board you know what that means.

My mother’s philosophy went a step further to add if you want to hide something put it “under their nose.”  I’m still trying to put salt on a bird’s tail and now she has me looking under my nose.  Her wisdom haunts me more now than as a child.

Once while scuba diving I got caught in the rush of a zillion fish.  The excitement of all these fish bumping my body proved exhilarating.  When I mentioned this to my mother she said, “I wonder what they were escaping from?”  Her wisdom also could be humbling.

So as I review the study of my beliefs I am looking under my nose.

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