I have the time to read, write and learn.  Not living in the U.S. has allowed me the luxury of no TV and no news.  Unfortunately I do get HUFFINGTON POST.  They clearly misrepresent the news but that is an agenda that I watch.

After watching the latest video of 911 with the latest twist (I am waiting for the interviews of the people who planted the explosives) I decided to see what other propaganda I  watch. Incidentally I  do not accept the planted bomb theories for two reasons.  1. There is a long history that validates that no federal program has ever worked.  2. Rosie O’Donnell believes it’s true.  Enough said.

So today I read that the Engel kidnapping was a ruse to get the U.S. involved in the Syrian conflict.  Luckily our strong, well informed U.S. foreign policy caught that  (sarcasm insert here)  This journalism scandal on the heels of the Brian Williams “I am Rambo” lie leads me to have faith in no news organization.

There is a definite trend of the wheels falling off the liberal express.  This coincides with my belief that there is only one party – THE MONEY PARTY. Stop looking at the person you are told to despise as the enemy.  You can’t believe any news group, you know the administration is LIE CENTRAL and you scratch your head.  Better yet, start with a fact.  You might find that putting a few of them together will end with you having to face the TRUTH.

Attack your local government.  Start at the grass roots and work up to the county, then the state, then the Feds.

Now I will try a totally unrelated link.  I got both the link button and the direct URL from a flaming liberal but he has some good information although he doesn’t practice what he says.  It’s called How To Save Your Life

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