I just received two pieces of information about a cure for cancer.  These articles came right after an article on the Cancer Industry and how cancer is promoted.  Apparently all theses scientists work for the industry that profits from the disease cancer.

Lucky me because I then received articles showing how GMO s and vaccines both cause a list of 25 disorders.  One of the articles had a book I could purchase to help me fully understand the problem.  I hope the book helps divide some of the disorders as caused either by GMO or vaccination.  I wonder what FDR might say about vaccination?

Then like chatter from terrorist nations, I received an inordinate amount of information about financial collapse.  I read or watched the information up until the book sales or the limited time course discount.

Then I saw pictures that PROVED chem trails exist.  The Photoshop had high definition but the pictures did not allow for common physics principles.

Then I read about President Obama’s broken campaign promises,  Added to this I saw all the Monsanto former employees that now work for the federal government industries.  Then I read about the battle over financial spending.  Then I read the government agencies defense of vaccination.

All of these could be false but if you had to choose just one that could be proven to be true which would it be?

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