Two people said things that prompted my urge and surge to blog.  My dad possessed a very quiet demeanor which is to say my mother ran the show. (I sometimes feel bad that my parents were so good because I can’t claim bad child rearing as an excuse, I can’t garner sympathy and I can’t claim first hand experience in any of today’s maladies)  When my dad turned 65 he suddenly exploded in verbal communications.  He had opinions on everything.  He opened a piece of his inner make up with me during an Everglades fishing trip.  He said he had listened all his life to people telling him what and how to do things.  Now they can’t take away his job  (he retired) so he was going to say what was on his mind.  Boy had he stored up some things.  He expressed feelings and thoughts I never believed in him.

The second influence came from a friend who said that she would not get involved in a relationship because she feared the person would project in her his feelings of how he wanted her to be.  That statement has hammered my thoughts for several years.

I am 65 today.  I am going to follow in my father’s footsteps and unleash what I think.  My friend’s statement has opened many doors as I attempted to figure out what she meant.  I quit FaceBook and believe that her statement has something to do with that decision.

I would read all these Posts about love and sweetness and the sun shining and the butterfly changing and the Dalai Lama said.  These messages came in between the vitriole related to the politicians.  I realized that FB is graffiti for the elderly.  On a good day nothing made sense.  I never felt any of the love that they preached in fact the innuendo in many of the posts were filled with anger and dislike.

My friend, who believes that projected feelings are to be avoided, lost a friend because she voted for Obama.  I can surely see the anger in that exhibition.  It stems from a belief that your thoughts are right and another’s thoughts are wrong.  But all of FB is like that.  Somehow they call it social.

So my story begins here.  I write to clarify my thoughts and reserve the right to change my mind.  I also will keep the blogs short because of limited attention spans.  So tom

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