My education as a neuropsychologist centered around science and statistics.  I came to rely on peer reviewed journals and the scientific method.  It proved a better way to measure a treatment than  “I have a 96 year old uncle who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and he’s sharp as a tack.  Smoking is not as bad as they  say”

Then something changed.  Actually it changed gradually.  The news became a battle for subscribers, single agenda groups began to sprout, the internet gave everyone a free voice, news became short bursts.  The CONTRAS were born.

The CONTRAS make money by a slick campaign against the current way of business.  Sometimes the CONTRAS are right, at least to point out that something seems strange.  Here you get your conspiracy theorists.  They make money by doing what they claim the other guys are doing.  They lead you down a path that says you are being mislead.

So you have one side, let’s say Big Pharma, selling a drug that makes millions and a blogger who makes a living by telling you that Big Pharma is a crooked business.  The Big Pharma lobby is paying the elected government officials to let their agenda and eventually their product to be fast tracked through the system.

Big Pharma did studies and if you watch 60 MINUTES, the program is sponsored by the ads of medications and illnesses you might not know exist.  The small time blogger did no studies but knows that making this much money must be supporting an illegal process.  So who do you believe, then what do you do about it?

If you are an American you choose a side and defend it.  Usually you take the side of the underdog because that’s the American way.  Since Americans no longer engage in critical thinking they spout information in the sound bites or blog bites they read or hear.

Americans complain about everything but when it comes to doing something they do what they are tricked into believing.  The power at the polls is just a small but necessary part.  The message has to be sent that Americans want honesty and transparency.  The non elected agenda pushers are in their positions and as the VA debacle showed they are reluctant to get off the gravy train.

I have so many friends who vote based on appearance. The current American government is the most obscure (non transparent) regime ever.  They have hidden vital pieces of information from their electors.

But as it turns out they need not do that.  Because you can lie repeatedly and move on without all the cloak and dagger stuff of being transparently nontransparent.  Case in point.  Hillary Clinton said she was poor and mired in debt.  Then her 142 million tax declaration, over a period of years, came out.  This does not include the non profit foundation.

Go figure!

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