I like good writing.  I read Amy Davidson from THE NEW YORKER magazine because she writes well.  In my opinion THE NEW YORKER leans heavily to the left while I am a bit to the right.  But good writing is good writing.

I recently read an article by Amy Davidson that said Scott Walker is against the environment so much so that he doesn’t even like recycling.  At least that is how the article made it sound to me.  I told you she is good.

So I wondered what political candidate could ever imply yet state a position against environmental issues.  So I wrote to Gov. Walker and asked for clarification of her statements.

While emailing to Gov. Walker I came across a Newsy news feed that said the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s email files.  I think Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty has been well documented but the news media insists on protecting her.  In this newscast they said that the FBI investigation does not mean she has done anything wrong and that her office is cooperating.

Now I am sensitive to the tone not the words because I expect denial from her office like I expect Gov. Walker not being against the environment.  But he has to defend that while Hillary gets a pass.

Am I wrong?  Am I reading into this?  Can someone clarify these feelings?

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