I attended an energy workshop yesterday.  I don’t understand any of it and iI think I go because of a need to learn, get out of the house away from the internet and to mingle.  I happen to like the presenter and want to support his efforts.  Because I have no money my support must take place at his free workshops.

I once had loads of money.  I worked hard for the outrageous sums.  I fought to balance time with the kids and relaxation but the needs of the American drive overwhelmed me.  Then I lost EVERYTHING.  I am officially poor by anyone’s standards especially with my education and past.  I found all kinds of energy in having nothing.

I listen to people talk about  their property, their money and how poor they are and I had a major shift in my thinking on American thinking.  I sat next to a buddy at this workshop and in walked one of them.

It was not so much that she looked like a ghost as much as  she sat down and spoke of her interactions with the ghosts that made me want to hear more.  I was not eavesdropping as much as gaining valuable information.  In fact she spoke loud enough so we all could could enjoy her interviews of the other worlds.

She knows a guy who knows a guy who makes predictions — “and he is never wrong.”  So I leaned closer.  In case you are wondering, it did become difficult to maintain a straight face.  This was a scene from a movie.  Anyways this guy said the US dollar would collapse somewhere between September 15 and September 28.  She added this coincided with the 2.5 meteor destined to strike the earth at that same time.

I had just researched the meteor strike because I wondered how they could not know the exact time of the impact but they were sure of its location.  In looking at the internet investigation sites I told my friend that NASA says there is no meteor of any size coming our way in that time frame.  My friend said, “Of course, NASA is part of the cover-up.  I have started my preparations and am stock piling supplies.”

“What are you storing?” I asked.

“”I have been storing lots of alcohol, mostly beer and enhancing my marijuana stores as well,”  he said without smiling.

After his statements I realized the seriousness of the threat.  If we got hit by this meteor not only would the US dollar collapse but the world would look at a nuclear winter as well.

Oh yeah, back to the internet investigation.  It seems that a phone conversation between a woman from Australia and a guy she is interested in who lives in the U.S. was shared as she tried to get him to meet her on a vacation during her time off from work between September 15 and September 28.  He claimed to work for a US government agency that happens to know of an impending meteor strike in between those exact dates.  It turns out he does not work for any stellar agency.

She was suspicious and wrote looking for assistance on the internet.  Two things came to mind.  First he’s not really into the girl and second is the definition of stalking — where two people are dating, only one doesn’t know it. Well opportunists on the internet saw an opportunity to get people to look at their blog/web sites and ran with the impending dollar and meteor crash.  They had to extend the date to include September 13 because of a Jewish holiday that would assist in a coinciding with the scriptures.

So I typed meteor crash  and ELE (end of life event) and saw my mistake.  I needed to refine my search as I had to wade through previous ELE meteor strikes,  The 2013 that never occurred still dominated the pages. So that’s when I refined my search to learn that the impending world crisis centers around a stalker and the need to promote.

I think I might still buy some canned food because my friend already has the necessary things.

Go figure.

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