I like reading.  My mother used to tell me it is not so much what you read or how much you read but what you are doing and thinking while you are reading.  Because of that I reread books and come away with a different interpretation.  I read slow mainly because I get inspired reading a first page and start writing.

I like writing.  Writing helps me organize my thoughts.  I write for me, for my enjoyment.   I like good writing.  Not always because of the message.  The NEW YORKER has great writing but the logic is wrong .  I like the sophistry.  The ability to trick people into believing that what you are saying is true.  When I write I have to research and when I research I learn.

I like learning.  The other sunset I saw the light reflect off the leaves of the eucalyptus  and quaking aspen trees.  The trees looked like silver.  The next morning I got up early to see if this happens in the morning sun.  Sorry you will have to learn for yourself.

I like discussing.  I have a friend who not only discusses a topic but listens.  She doesn’t judge me, or say she knows how I think,  I miss her and always feel like a child playing when we talk.

I like challenges.  I play Sudoku nightly but my real challenge is to beat the computer at chess.  I think my computer cheats but that’s another story.  I like the challenge of completion.  I like to finish writing a story.  I like to finish my daily yoga.

I like to complete things.  That could be on my headstone.  That would be funny.  Starting a project is the first part of the challenge.  Maybe the real challenge is finishing.

I like liking.  I know what I don’t like.  I prefer to only write about what I do like.  Sometimes I must contrast the like with the dislike.  Doesn’t mean I’m negative.  I prefer to think I am aware.

I like humor.  There are days I laugh all day.  Because I live alone that becomes a concern.  My mother would ask “Why are you talking to yourself?”  I would respond, “Because I want to have an intelligent conversation.”  She’d mutter, “That’s my boy.”

I like reading, writing, learning, discussing, challenges, completing, liking and humor.  Somehow that does not sound like a perfect opening line.

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