My dad had a very quiet way.  Until he retired.  He became an opinionated, in your face kind of guy.  I stood amazed at the transformation.  He said what was on his mind and he did not hold back.

Today I sat with older people who said they noticed similar changes in their parents.  It sounded like not all the opinions expressed by the parents did not have the desired results of the children.

Then I thought of my nurse friend from Texas who grew up a die hard liberal.  She believed that everyone should share equally, she wore clothes that reflected her generational stance.  Then she wanted a car and a house and went to work for the “establishment.”  She became a conservative and now rants against the liberal thinkers.

She does not like the amount of taxes and how it’s spent.  I pointed out that the Congress is a Republican Congress.  She fired back, “Are you stupid.  They behaved the same way when they had a Democrat Congress only worse.  They have an ideology centered around money and greed.”

“So why are you a conservative?” I asked.

“It’s not a party.  It’s a way of thought you moron,”  she said.

“Please explain,” I said. I felt bad at the non PC moron comparison, but I adjusted.

“Even liberals have conservative values, like me.  When they get older they see how stupidly they fell for all this media stuff.  They start saying what they really think before they die, but it is too late.  The financial/social idiots have control.  Just like in all the global takeovers,”  she said.  She did not spare my ignorance.  I had the flashback to my dad speaking his mind and me speaking (meekly) my thoughts.

It dawned on me that we were speaking about conceptual blending.  A truly human ability. To take a concept and merge it with another concept and form a new blended concept.  The problem comes in when one does not have a firm concept to begin with or a concept that is tainted.

In discussing this with her I brought up religion.  She acknowledged that the minority of religious views shown through the media have this tainted view of nearly everything.  “Can’t even do math without it being a gift from God,” she added.  She continued, “The narrow mindedness of the far right pales to the narrow mindedness of the left — not the far left, just the left,” she said.

“Explain,” I said as now I became interested.

There is a tolerance on the right, even among the religions, except for those nut jobs on the far right.  Just their existing is proof of the right’s tolerance.  But there is no tolerance at all for anything on the left.  It’s their agenda or nothing,” she gulped for air.  “Bush did things wrong so they elect a guy who is a muslim, who never had a job and he does what Bush did only with numbers that are horrifying.  And people have no jobs, he lies about the numbers, no wages to support the crazy spending and when the Congress tries to thwart the insanity, people claim its because of racism.”

“So what are you saying?”  I asked.

“The Left made Trump.  They have lied so much that when a person comes along and tells what he thinks and it’s the truth, he appears refreshing.  He may be real hope and change.  When the heavily flawed ACA comes about they will blame whoever is in office and not put the stupidity for that abomination where it belongs.”

This made me think and what I think is politically incorrect.


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