This might be the understanding of the American mind.

My AOL somehow sends ALL my email to spam.  Don’t even try to solve that problem.  But I sloshed through all my spam looking for communications I applied for.  Well it became time consuming.

So I decided to UNSUBSCRIBE to emails every day for a month.  I do not know the answer to my suspicion and you may actually know more about the internal workings.  It appears that when an advertiser gets hold of your email they might then sell your email yet again. This allows them the legal right to say you solicited them.  Like the Bible says, Book Club begat Viagra begat feminine products begat any product sold by Amazon begat you get the idea.

Based on the resistance I receive from UNSUBSCRIBING, there must be some financial reward with the number of subscribers (willing or unwilling)

First the UNSUBSCRIBE button is in small letters on the bottom of the ad.  Oftentimes is will say click here next to a group of other click heres.  Seems like they are trying to confuse you.  Then sometimes the print color is faded and difficult to see.  Sometimes they place a big UNSUBSCRIBE button because they know you are looking for small print.

There are a bunch of sites from foreign countries (I believe they are foreign because they make common spelling mistakes that even the most impaired Americans would not)  Their gimmick is to advertise using a different email address several times a day.  This way you can’t block them and they do not have an UNSUBSCRIBE button.  What gets me is how they might think I would ever order a product from them with this overt technique.

Then I receive these personal job ads that are American based but also do not have an UNSUBSCRIBE button.  They also use multiple emails making it difficult to block.  What is their thinking, “Here you must take this job!”.  But I filter them as they come in figuring they might run out of names.

There must be some kind of UNSUBSCRIBE cottage industry because some sites send to a page that looks similar.  I say looks because  butthe tricks they use to keep you from leaving the sites are mention worthy.

Some sites just say press here and then say something like Thank You or Sorry To See You Go. I feel guilty and sad when I leave.  Not.

Some sites try the guilt thing by pointing out that you requested the email and We Miss You Already or  Press here and reorganize the amount of mail you receive from us.  They place roadblocks from you getting to that UNSUBSCRIBE button.

It seems strange that I don’t remember requesting advertising on feminine products but they are there.  If I want to UNSUBSCRIBE I have to enable links.  Funny I don’t enable links to view the ads I didn’t request but I have to do this to UNSUBSCRIBE.  Then I realize that in some cases pressing the enable links button resets the ad to the top, taking me away from the UNSUBSCRIBE button.  Some sites don’t do this.  The ones that do have a convoluted process that may not even say UNSUBSCRIBE, instead using the Manage Preferences, Manage Account or contact us.

In some cases the UNSUBSCRIBE page makes me type out my email.  Other pages allow my computer to inject the email.  Some send you to a page requesting you reconsider because you did request these ads.  They cleverly place a RESUBMIT button above the lighter shaded UNSUBSCRIBE button.

Then a friend tells me (do not know this to be accurate) that because of the cascade of names sold to advertisers, they increase the ads because they now know you are there.  Sounds like the government.

I will persist.  I found that I really don’t want to share information because I can’t control things.  So I will change my email provider.  They actually are the basis of their own demise as people can only take so much. (apparently me more than others)

I dropped off of FaceBook but they are really sneaky.

I realize how effective the advertising adage of “stay in their face” is and theydeception they will go through to keep you there.  Like voters they don’t get it.

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