I am writing for myself because its better than therapy.  By placing my thoughts in writing I can look back and see if my thinking changes.

My mother and Aunt Evelyn composed a funny team.  They said things to me that confused me at that time but became clear as I reached Piaget’s theory of formal logic.

When I was a lad,I decoded to write a paper on the meaning of stupid, dumb and ignorant.  It seemed to me we threw those terms around without understanding the difference.  I surely didn’t want to tell a ignorant person they were stupid.  I might offend them.

My mother asked me why I wanted to write such a paper.  I said so everyone could speak the same language.  I can still see her laughing.  She said if a person fit any of these definitions they wouldn’t read it, and if by chance they read it or listened to it, they wouldn’t understand it or most likely they’d say it was there uncle or aunt.

That same day I asked my Aunt Evelyn where she would hide a secret to keep it from the Nazis.  I had just watched a movie about hiding secrets from the Nazis.  She said, “That’s easy.  I ‘d give it to the School Board.”  I understood that comment 35 years later presenting a case before the School Board.

Having these two women at my disposal was like sharing a text book with Socrates.  I recall my mother and Aunt laughing so hard they were crying.  You know the kind of laughing that you can’t stop.  i can see the magazine cartoon.  There were two anthropologists digging a hole and one pulled out a campaign poster that said, “Vote Democrat” and the one anthropologist said, “I told you they existed.”  At the time I didn’t understand, but now it brings tears of understanding.

This brings me to my point.  I saw a movie and read two books on the Law of Attraction.  I have heard people discussing it.  So I had to do research to get a grasp on this new Law.

First, there is no Law of Attraction.  It is made up to sell movies and books to stupid, ignorant and dumb people.  A hypothesis is a guess with substantiation, a theory is a hypothesis that passes replication and a LAW is irrefutable.  Like Newton’s Law of Gravity. You take a hundred different inanimate objects to a hundred different  locations and let it loose and a hundred objects fall. They don’t stand still and they don’t go up.  There is no known exception to this LAW.

So I read these books and whenever a person tries to attract something in their life, like a job or better pay or understanding or even a book sale, and if it doesn’t work it is because you did not do it right.  It is fallible.  It doesn’t work because you don’t believe or you don’t see the hidden mystery of God, Allah, Buddha or Xenu. (let me throw in Thor)

What the book might have explained that this is the hypothesis of focused attention.  There is a correlation that can reach significance when a person and an idea are bound together.  Hence Michael plays baseball and becomes a baseball player and Mary doesn’t play baseball, doesn’t care about baseball but marries a baseball player fulfilling her Law of Attraction that was hidden in her marrying a baseball player.

I think I’ll take mt findings over to the School Board.

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