I am going to bring together highly irregular thoughts to one point.  Work with me here because this is how a brain thinks.

I used to like to drive.  I would listen to talk radio, scream, yell, try music then I would get out my digital voice recorder.  I would put my thoughts down.  Still have those recordings. (side note — really haven’t changed much)

Since I now relish in not driving; no car, no car insurance, no gas, no parking, no worry of theft, I now muse in bed.  Before I arise I lay in bed and plan my day and often just enjoy the ability to be able to relax.

Today I thought about my deceased wife and I thought about an event, that is truly dumb, but in that dumbness there was an exchange of some type.  I actually felt my facial muscles soften.

I felt a smirk of joy and happiness.  So I thought about my dad and the same feeling.  I thought about people I met or knew who could bring that softening to my face.  Then I thought about my ex and all that good feeling went away.

Somehow I went from that facial change to the following.  I watched 60 MINUTES yesterday.  I am always amazed at Leslie Stahl.  I can’t figure how she can walk and talk.  To me, she does not represent journalism.  She represents an agenda.

She is interviewing  Senator Tom Coburn.  He is the Godfather to the Tea Party.  He nicely points to the fact that the US debt is unbelievable.  Leslie knows she’s a light weight and in the face of truth, in this case numbers, she interviews a pundit from a newspaper.  This guy says that Coburn is the main reason nothing gets passed in Congress.

Here’s my point.  You could see that the pundit was trying to be nice but his tone and that slight smug grin gave him away.  This pundit did not like Coburn and his face could not hide it.  It was no accident that Leslie chose him to give a summary.

I worked for 31 years as a neuropsychologist.  When I started doing polygraphs and EEGs, I could definitely match the thinking to the facial expressions.  Now when I want to get clear of happy thoughts I no longer have to think of my ex, I can think of Leslie.

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