A portion of my goal is to understand how people think.  Maybe another way of saying this is how do we look at the same thing and come to divergent interpretations.  On one hand life would be mundane and possibly boring, on the other hand it would prove challenging.

I have noticed a significant change in my friends who voted for Obama.  I believe they still hold onto the delusion that their vote actually had something to do with his election.  This much I understand.  They seem to understand that after nearly seven years things have gone from bad to worse.  A few still ride the pale horse but they are looking behind them.

This week President Obama put into action a law that will change the name Mt. McKinley to Denali.  That is a good thing.  Come to think of it it is the only good thing he has done.

I look at the division between not only blacks and whites but between Dems and Reps and homosexuals and heterosexuals let alone males and females.  If only this were growing pains.  But after a growing pain there exists something that grew — usually a mature entity.

I hear and read of government statistics that show the improvement in our once great country.  But simple, and I mean simple, perusal reveals the statistics as not misleading but downright lies.  I will not even attempt to convince you of the TRANSPARENCY of these lies because it will not change the damage done, although it might make you a better person.

I just read and will continue to reread a passage that fills a blank in my understanding of people’s reasoning.  David Moser at Indiana University invented this counterfactual.  “If all circles were large, and this small triangle D were a circle, would it be large?”  The responses to this question answered so much about how we are tricked into believing something and I can now understand how people come to certain conclusions.

Up until now I used logic as my point of reference but this counterfactual gives me a new tool of understanding.  Sorry, I can’t change your thinking but I can now understand it.  Does this sound arrogant?  Adjust.

Since all politicians are liars and crooks, I’ll choose one from a crime family I think is better.  I get it.  After all they all sit in the same Congress AND we elected them AND they swore to uphold the law of the land.

The truly sad part in this equation is the news media.  We receive more honest, if not accurate news, from independent sources than from the money driven news companies.  Election coverage and controversy is an economic boost to their bottom line.

No, I take that last paragraph back.  The truly sad part of this equation is ME. I was there.  I let this happen.  I didn’t stand up and say the truth.

I was on an exercise wheel.  I went around and around because I had to pay for my familie’s cell phones, their cars, their insurances and their credit cards.  I couldn’t afford to be sick because we’d lose everything.

Well, I got sick, we lost everything.  But I got off the wheel and I recovered.  I know what to tell my kids so they can get off the wheel.  Two things prevent this.  One they wouldn’t listen because they believe they have their own answers.Two, my generation still doesn’t get it and they have the same answers for their kids that got them in trouble.

Usually the happy ending is that the family reunited and stuck together.  But the process included destroying the family and family values while get this this — claiming to fight for family values.

I am going to make this change starting today and build on the understanding of that counterfactual.  I go back to the question I wanted an answer to –“Do you believe in abortion?”  The most frequent answer I got back was “It’s a woman’s choice.”  That has haunted me until I saw the counterfactual.  I get it.

For example, I heard a fellow say we have a right to education and health care.  I turned to my Bible expert and he says there is no mention of either as a God given right.  But I compared the military budget to the health and education budget and found that the Bible does tacitly accept war, (that is a counterfactual).

I also got an email that used a counterfactual to point out problems with vaccinations.  I almost fell for it until I reread it.  The answer to that issue is relatively simple but made impossible by our culture’s thought process.

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