“I beg the court’s indulgence, but I would like to cross examine truth,” said Mr. Howe.

“Please forgive me, Mr. Howe but I did not see you dealing with truth, but please cross examine,” said Judge Lynch.

Mr. Howe stood up and asked permission to approach the witness.  Permission was granted.

“I notice that Mr. Finch refers to you in the masculine.  Are you a man?”

“Objection.  This question is highly inappropriate and against the propriety of decency,” said Finch.

The judge paused and said, “It seems you want it both ways Mr. Finch.  Overruled,, besides I want to hear the answer, You may answer the question.”

“I am both male and female,” said Truth.

“Does that mean you are like a hermaphrodite or forgive me, a Jenner type?” asked the defense attorney.

Finch bolted upright but looked at the frowning Judge and then Finch readjusted his suit jacket and reorganized his desk and seat to the smile of Judge Lynch.

“Oh my, nothing like either of those, I am a concept to whoever uses me,” said Truth.

“Well could my dog use Truth?”

“No, a dog is not a human animal,  Your dog can neither lie nor tell the truth.”

“So as we here in the courtroom look at you do we all see you sort of the same way?

Finch got up and readjusted his chair again to the pleasure of Judge Lynch.  Finch also wanted to hear the response.

“No, some will see me as a bright light, a beacon if you will.  Others will not even look at me.  In fact they can’t see me.”

Finch grabbed the arm of his cousin and co-counsel, Amicus B. Finch and whispered in his ear.  Amicus looked confused but reached in his pocket and handed his cousin his sunglasses.  Finch put the glasses on, sat back and grinned at the snarling Lynch.

“So you are solely a human concept, correct?


“You cannot be here unless we, as humans, cannot conceive you?


“Is it possible that some people here cannot see you.”

“Yes, that’s true.  Can’t hear me either,” said Truth.

“Would it be accurate to say that all men lie?”

“By the simplest definition of truth, yes, all men lie.”

“Then how do I know you are telling the truth now?”

“I am truth.  I can only be true.”

“Yes, but if you only exist through man and all men lie then you could be untrue.

“Objection.  There is no question.”

“Mr. Howe, please ask a question,” said Lynch.

“How can you be truth if you are created only by man and all men lie?”

“I only am sensed when called upon,” said Truth.

“That makes no sense,  No more questions,” said Howe.

“Your Honor, I move that the last derogatory comment made by the defense be stricken from the record?” requested Finch.

“So noted.  The last two sentences spoken by Mr. Howe will be stricken from the record and the jury is hereby told not to make any reference to the comments that have been stricken.  Mr. Howe, if you repeat that snarky behavior again I will, and I mean it, I will hold you in contempt of court and give the reins of the remainder of this trial to your co-counsel, Mr. Louis Cannon,” scolded Judge Lynch.”

“I humbly beg the court’s pardon.  I fear that the bright light I perceived may have caused my seeming agitation,” said Howe..

The judge rolled his eyes and turned to Mr. Finch and said, “Redirect?”

“Yes your Honor I have a few more questions.”

“Let’s take a ten minute break before redirect,” as the Judge stood and left the bench.

The Bailiff said, “All rise”  but the Judge had disappeared behind the door.  Amicus said to his cousin, “I see the trap you set for Howe and it seems he fell for it.”

“We will see if we can spin the truth back to where it belongs,” said Finch.

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