“We have to use RICO laws your honor because there is a conspiracy with many arms.  We cannot get to the top but we can prosecute the henchmen,” said Hank Finch the prosecutor.

“Mr. Finch, I and I alone will be the judge if there is a conspiracy.  The jury that you so carefully chose will make the decision.  These are serious charges you have filed here in State court.  There was a time where only the Federal Government could ptosecute these cases.  Why did you request  this State?”

“Your honor, this State shows the backbone to stand up to the Federal Government.  As you can see by the filings that many federal appointees are so named in the complaint,    The Government is the RICO target.” said Finch.

“I see that you intend to call Decency, Truth, Integrity, Honor, the Scales of Justice, Fact, Logic, the Republican Elephant, the Democrat Donkey, Religion, the Constitution, a group of school kids and Statistics.  I see you crossed off Jay Carney due to illness,” said Judge Lynch.

“We may ask the court’s indulgence on Jay Carney.  He is being treated for PTLD, Post Traumatic Lying Disorder.  His doctor said he was required to tell so many lies that he no longer believes that his spoon is an eating utensil.  He has lost much weight.  The truly sad part is that since his insurance plan was transferred to the VA he has not been able to receive any treatment.  The conspirators leave few clues, Your Honor,”  said prosecutor Finch.

“Very well.  Call your first witness,” said Judge Lynch.

“The State calls Truth to the stand,” bellowed the Bailiff.

“You have been sworn in.  You are required to be yourself.  Can you handle this obligation?” asked Finch.

“It is refreshing to be able to tell the truth,” said Truth.

“Objection.  Witness should answer with only Yes or No responses,”  said the defense attorney Dewey C. M. Howe.

“Your Honor, the witness is an expert in truth, in fact he is Truth,” retorted Finch.

“I must agree with Mr Finch.  The witness can give detailed answers within limits,” said Lynch.

Finch asked the question to be reread and Truth continued, “I have found it refreshing to not be twisted or spun.”

“Could you tell us what truth is?”

“Truth is what a person sees and believes.” said Truth.

“How are you different from Fact?”

“A person can see a robbery and there can be facts that substantiate the robbery, like cameras, fingerprints and more.  But each person could have seen a different robber, one with red hair another with dark hair and they both could be telling the truth.”

“How is that possible?  To have two opposite views be true.”

“Each person sees what he or she sees, possibly based on different angles to different lighting as an example. Each would pass a polygraph and each would be telling the truth.”

“Can someone tell only a partial truth?”

“Objection. Leading.”

“Overruled.  You may answer the question.’

“Yes, happens all the time.”

“Can that person pass a polygraph test?”

“Objection.  Witness is not a polygraph expert.”

“Your honor I propose that he and he alone knows whether the truth is being told and whether the polygrapher is any good or not,” said Finch.

“I tend to agree with Mr. Finch that Truth has a special purpose in these proceedings and his opinion is valuable in making a decision.  Proceed,” said Lynch.

“If you do not ask the right questions a partial truth can beat the polygraph,” said Truth.

“Thank you, I will heed your words of wisdom,” said Finch.

“Objection Your Honor.  The prosecutor is giving the impression that the words of Truth are wise,” said Howe.

“They are and I suggest you start making the correct objections,” said the Judge. “Call your next witness.”

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